MEP design firms are naturally looking for a complete and future-proof solution that satisfies their modelling and system calculation needs. Most importantly though, the solution must enhance the productivity and increase profit margins.

This white paper offers business managers a practical cost/benefit assessment model when considering investment in the MEP design software MagiCAD.

The white paper examines:

  • What to consider when investing in new MEP design technology?
  • Increased productivity on different levels of the company
  • The level of the productivity boost enabled by the investment
  • How is the productivity boost achieved in practice?
  • How does the investment in MagiCAD enhance your offering?
  • What is the expected payback period of MagiCAD for my company and how to calculate it?
  • MagiCAD adoption process – case: Derry ltd, United Kingdom
  • Calculation sheet for total cost, expected profit and payback period

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