When dimensioning heating or cooling systems, the user is sometimes notified with the error message Different flows on the root pipes. This message is most commonly caused by devices  within the system (e.g. radiators) that have not been connected properly to supply or return pipes. These open ends cause a discrepancy between supply and return flow rates, which MagiCAD detects and notifies the user accordingly.

TT_Open ends_Screenshot 1_Show messages

Open ends are easy to locate using the Part Property Line function. To access Part Property Line, selectMAGIhpvView | Part Property Line  from the classic MagiCAD main menu, or MagiCAD HP&V | Annotation | Text | Part Property Line  from the new ribbon interface.

Select Heating, cooling and special systems as the System group, and select Open ends as the Property to be highlighted. An alternative method is examining all pipes with flow rate discrepancies by selecting Flow (l/h) as the Property instead. This method finds all flow rate discrepancies within the system and is not restricted to those caused by open ends.

Be sure to define a large Text Height to make textual markers easy to locate in the drawings. Click Ok.

TT_Open ends_Screenshot 2_Show property

Open ends are now highlighted on each drawing by large textual markers, enabling quick and efficient revision of each missing pipe connection.

TT_Open ends_Screenshot 3_Open ends displayed