MagiCAD’s intelligent wires and cable packets make electrical design and calculations fast, easy and reliable. With MagiCAD Electrical design for Revit and AutoCAD, you can draw quickly and accurately in 2D or 3D, depending on your preferences. MagiCAD simultaneously creates both 2D and 3D models based on your design.

MagiCAD Electrical enables you to define all relevant properties for wires, cable trays and conduits, as well as system properties and routing preferences as you draw. At the same time, you can utilise a wide selection of highly automated, productivity enhancing tools for creating crossings, angle-to-horizontal connections, and for using a variety of standard connection types. With MagiCAD, all electrical products come complete with accurate dimensions and comprehensive technical data for calculations.

MagiCAD and Electrical design

MagiCAD Electrical for AutoCAD provides full functionality for creating main riser diagrams. You can input cable lengths manually and define virtual circuits to be used in short-circuit calculations. This enables you to perform calculations on the entire distribution network in the diagram view, from the main switchboard to the virtual load circuits behind sub-switchboards. You can transfer switchboards from the diagram into the model, and vice versa. The circuits of the model and the diagram are synchronised through switchboard schematics, enabling access to all the relevant circuit-specific data in all of the drawings.

MagiCAD Electrical offers a thorough set of automated functions on both Revit and AutoCAD. These include, for example, finding and resolving collisions between installations and structures, defining the required openings in walls and other structures for electrical installations, creating and updating cross-sections in seconds, creating and updating switchboard schematics, as well as generating bills of materials (BOM), customisable drawing print-outs and various types of reports.

MagiCAD and Electrical design 2

MagiCAD Electrical for Revit offers the possibility to create and update switchboard schematics on Revit technology using circuit information from the distribution switchboards in the Revit model. The model and the schematics are linked and changes made to one can be updated to the other with a click of a button. MagiCAD Electrical for Revit also brings smart cable packets onto Revit technology, allowing you to draw supply cable routes in the form of cable packets and create smart connections from the cables packet to the load groups, switchboards and devices. This provides, for example, exact data on cable length, weight and surface area (square millimetre) for calculations.

MagiCAD Electrical for Revit and AutoCAD comes with comprehensive support for various country-specific standards, and provides a thorough selection of export and import options, including compatibility with IFC compliant formats, spreadsheet format, DIALux, and more. For example, MagiCAD Electrical design allows you to export space geometry to DIALux and import calculated lighting fixtures in STF format back to correct positions with complete technical information. You can also export data in spreadsheet format, edit the data, and then import it back to MagiCAD.