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Our training courses benefit both new and advanced designers

MagiCAD Software Training courses benefit both new and advanced designers. Basic training courses are the best way for you to quickly get started and design productively with MagiCAD. Advanced training courses go deeper into specialist topics, discussing the latest functionalities in detail as well as focusing on more specialised issues and usage techniques. For advanced users, targeted advanced training courses provide solutions to project-specific problems, correct less-than-optimal working methods, and increase productivity through improved utilisation of available functionalities.

In addition to the pre-scheduled training courses and webinars, we also offer tailored, customer-specific MagiCAD training courses that can be held at your premises or in another suitable location.

All the training courses and webinars are prepared and executed by our MEP Engineers who have extensive knowledge and hands-on experience of the industry.

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NTI Iceland trainings

NTI courses introduce the processes that one will encounter in connection with design in Revit with MagiCAD. The courses start where a model is received from the architect and the construction engineer, and where it is the job of the MEP engineer/contractor to create an installation model. There will be both independent designs and work with a number of display types and preparation for print.

The course consists of a general introduction to Revit MEP and piping design in MagiCAD on Revit MEP. The course is a combination of theoretical review and practical exercises. The course material will be handed out during the course to support the teaching and for subsequent use after completion.

The purpose of courses is to enable the student to get started on a project based on an architectural and construction model. After completing the course, the student has a basic knowledge of working with Revit with MagiCAD, and of the process of working with an architect and construction engineer, based on Revit.

MagiCAD Ventilation for Revit

26.-27. October, 02.-03. November, 10 November 5 days (2 + 2 + 1)
17.-18. January, 24-25. January, 31 January 5 days (2 + 2 + 1)

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