MagiCAD User Training

These courses benefit both new and advanced designers. Basic trainings are the best way for you to quickly get started and design productively with MagiCAD. Advanced trainings go deeper into specialist topics, discussing the latest functionalities in detail as well as focusing on more specialised issues and usage techniques. For advanced users, targeted advanced training courses provide solutions to project-specific problems, correct less-than-optimal working methods, and increase productivity through improved utilisation of available functionalities.

In addition to the pre-scheduled trainings and webinars, we also offer tailored, customer-specific MagiCAD trainings that can be held at your premises or in another suitable location.

All the courses and webinars are prepared and given by some of the best experts in MEP design field and MagiCAD.

Contact your local MagiCAD sales to find courses available near you.


In addition to user training courses and webinars, we offer company-specific consultancy services. Our consultant will work with you to setup your localised project templates according to your company’s needs as well as help you to fully and seamlessly integrate MagiCAD into your internal processes.  Consultancy is currently offered only for UK and Ireland. Contact our UK sales representative for more information: