MagiCAD Electrical Integrated electrical calculations

Integrated electrical calculations

Integrated calculations enable verification of system performance

  • Perform a wide range of electrical calculations
  • Verify system performance

When an electrical system has been partly or fully modelled, you can easily use the integrated and localised calculation functions in MagiCAD to evaluate system performance.

MagiCAD includes the following calculations for electrical systems:

Short circuit calculation – Calculate the highest 3-phase and the lowest single-phase short-circuit currents in the entire power supply system.

Voltage drop calculation – Calculate the voltage drop in the power distribution network from the 3-phase main power supply of the building to all sub-switchboards in order to estimate the worst case voltage drops in the power distribution system.

Power calculation – Estimate the simultaneous peak load in distribution systems based on load types.

Cable sizing and protective device verification – Select and check cable types and protective devices that they meet the requirements. MagiCAD automatically notifies in case the load current exceeds the limits of the cable type or protective device and advises on possible corrections.