MagiCAD Piping Radiator installation and connection

Radiator installation and connection

Identify suitable radiator alternatives, install them into the project and connect radiators to main pipes

• Filter radiators to identify suitable option
• Install radiators to project
• Connect radiators to main pipes

MagiCAD’s filtering options allow you to easily identify the correct radiators for each space. You can simply define the needed size, power, and connection for the radiator and then view a list of all radiators that match the requirements. You can change selected criteria and perform the search again to compare different solutions. Select a suitable radiator and its technical information is then updated to the radiator selection dialog.

During radiator installation, you can select a suitable radiator valve or stop valve for the radiator. You can also configure and save radiator connection sets and add them to radiators in the project. When you install a radiator, it is then automatically installed together with its pre-defined connection set. The direction of the radiator and other other options can be adjusted before the installation.

Connecting radiators to main pipes is easy. The MagiCAD radiator connection tool offers a wide range of possible connection alternatives and allows you to connect multiple radiators simultaneously, saving time and reducing the need for repeated work.