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MagiCAD Sprinkler Designer Sprinkler connections

Sprinkler connections

Effective tools for creating sprinkler connections

  • Connect multiple sprinklers simultaneously
  • Select between different layout and routing alternatives
  • Use flexible pipes for sprinkler connections

MagiCAD provides easy and effective tools for connecting sprinklers to pipes. You can connect individual sprinklers or multiple sprinkler heads simultaneously.

There are three different connection options: inline, antenna and grid. Inline connection connects sprinklers directly to the selected pipe. Antenna connection creates a branch off the main pipe and sprinklers are connected to the branch. Grid connection creates a sprinkler layout between two selected pipes.

You can also select the pipe series for the connecting pipes and use flexible pipes for the final section to the sprinkler. It is even possible to convert rigid connection pipes to flexible ones afterwards. A preview option lets you examine the connections before they are created.