MagiCAD Electrical Switchboard schematics

Switchboard schematics

Generate circuit-based switchboard schematics automatically for any switchboard in a project

  • Create automatic switchboard schematics
  • Edit properties of created schematics
  • Synchronize changes between schematic and model

Create switchboard schematics automatically based on circuit connections. The schematic layouts are flexible and can be configured to suit company or project specific demands.

When a schematic has been generated, its properties can be modified. Circuits can be re-numbered, their wire type and circuit type can be changed and other electrical properties can be adjusted. The changes done in the schematic or in the model can be synchronized to keep all drawings up-to-date.

It is also possible to define circuits in the schematic even before they are created in the model. Later, when an actual circuit is created, it can be mapped to an available circuit in the schematic layout. This allows you to use different workflows according to the needs of each project.