MagiCAD Schematics automatic riser diagrams Image

Automatic riser diagrams

Create automatic riser schematic drawings for electrical networks and extra-low voltage networks

  • Create and update automatic riser diagrams based on a 3D model
  • Link schematic symbols and wires with objects and circuits in model
  • Synchronize parameters between schematic drawing and model

MagiCAD allows you to create automatic riser schematic drawings for both electrical networks (Main riser diagram) and extra-low voltage networks (ELV riser diagram), such as data and communication networks. The objects and circuits in the model are automatically linked to symbols and wires in the schematic drawings. There are also multiple options and configurations available that ensure that the created schematic will look exactly the way that you want.

Keeping the riser schematics up-to-date is easy. You can simply map parameters or link device groups to schematic symbols and then synchronize them with a single mouse click to update all the changes between the model and the schematic.

Note: These features require a MagiCAD Schematics and a MagiCAD Electrical license.