MagiCAD Electrical Cable drawing

Cable drawing

Configure and draw cables accurately according to local presentation standards

  • Easy and fast cable drawing
  • Copy settings from an existing cable
  • Connect cables to cable packets

MagiCAD provides tools for easy and fast cable drawing. You can define the cable and presentation settings manually or copy the from an existing reference cable. Different line and routing options enable you to modify the presentation for the exact look you want.

The cable drawing tool also handles cable connections to cable packets with an automatic extension to the connected panel board. The cable packet extension allows you to accurately calculate the actual supply cable length and automatically reference the exact amount of cables and their types at any point of the cable routes, in addition to the cables’ weights and sizes.

In addition, an automatic circuit wiring option can be used to automatically draw wire routing between all the devices in a circuit. You can toggle between different routing alternatives and change the line type if needed.