MagiCAD Electrical DIALux import and export

DIALux import and export

Perform lighting design in DIALux (version 4.13) for spaces in a MagiCAD model

  • Export space information from MagiCAD to DIALux
  • Perform detailed lighting design
  • Import ready lighting setup back to MagiCAD model

With DIALux you can create professional lighting plans for your project. MagiCAD allows you to export and import data between a MagiCAD project and DIALux.

The space information in MagiCAD can be exported to DIALux in stf format. You can then make a realistic and detailed lighting plan with real luminaires in DIALux, as well as calculate illuminance, reflection factors and more.

After the lighting design is complete in DIALux, the luminaires can be imported back into the correct spaces and positions in the MagiCAD project with all technical information available. During the import, you can also add 2D symbols for the luminaires from the localised symbol libraries in MagiCAD.

The DIALux import and export function is compatible with DIALux 4.13 version.