Product selection and installation

Product selection and installation tools help you select the correct product and place it into the model

  • Search from the MagiCAD Cloud product database
  • Select products according to different criteria
  • Place products in the correct position
  • Place multiple products simultaneously

MagiCAD’s product selection tool makes it easy to select the correct product fast and accurately. You can search for products from the MagiCAD library of manufacturer verified BIM objects. Narrow down the selection according to different criteria and easily compare different alternatives to optimise the product selection.

Products in the MagiCAD library commonly include geometrical and technical information and they are delivered together with a localised library of 2D symbols.

When you have identified a suitable product, MagiCAD’s product placement tools help you install the product in the correct position. The product can be aligned to other products’ offset levels and placed to the end or side of a segment. You can also install multiple products simultaneously and array them in a selected pattern.