Common Tools
MagiCAD Schematics dialog for provisions

Provisions for builderswork openings

Provisions for builderswork openings tool enables a BIM workflow with architects and structural engineers

  • Coordinate openings with architects and structural engineers
  • Create provisions manually or automatically
  • Import provision reports from structural engineers

Provisions for builderswork openings allows you to coordinate openings for MEP equipment with architects and structural engineers. The tool enables effective communication on the requirements of provisions for ducts, pipes, cable trays and other segments that pass through a structural element.

You can define offsets, size ranges and other settings for the provisions. Provisions can be created into the project manually or automatically based on saved settings.

The provisions that have been created in MagiCAD can be examined and verified by structural engineers in Tekla Structures. Reports produced by structural engineers can be imported to MagiCAD with information on whether the provision has been accepted, rejected or needs modification before being accepted.