MagiCAD Common Tools Synchronization between schematic and model

Synchronization between schematic and model

Linking and synchronization between schematic and model ensures that all drawings are up-to-date

  • Link schematic symbols and lines with devices in model
  • Ensure up-to-date information in schematic drawings
  • Synchronize information between schematic and model

MagiCAD Schematics allows you to easily link symbols or lines in the schematic drawing with corresponding devices in the model and synchronize parameter values between the schematic and model. This ensures that information stays up-to-date during the project in diagrams, plan drawings, schedules and other schematic drawings.

You can configure and select the parameters that will be synchronized and define the direction of the flow of information. The data can be synchronized both from the schematic drawing to the model and from the model to the schematic. It is also possible to add the same device into multiple different schematic drawings.

Synchronization enables a lot of flexibility in the design process. For example, you can start drawing a schematic with low level of product-related detail. Once the network has been modelled and calculated, it is easy to transfer the calculation results together with other information, such as device position codes, from the model to the schematic drawing. This allows you to add tags with detailed information into the schematic without any additional manual work.