MagiCAD Electrical System Schematic Drawings

System Schematic Drawings

Produce system schematic drawings of an entire power supply network or ELV system.

  • Calculate and verify a network without modelling
  • Link switchboards and devices between schematic drawing and model
  • Update information between schematic drawing and model

MagiCAD includes tools for easy creation of system schematic drawings of power supply networks or ELV systems. System schematic drawings can be used to calculate and verify an electrical network already before actual modelling. Just place switchboards, connect them with cables and estimate the cable lengths. Finally, select suitable protective devices and that’s all you need. Using system schematic drawings is a convenient and fast alternative to modelling an entire network.

Once a more detailed model of the network or ELV system is available, switchboards and devices in the system schematics can be linked to corresponding ones in the model. Updating information between the schematic drawing and model is easy, allowing you to keep all the drawings up-to-date in every phase of the project. There’s no need to update changes manually to different places anymore.