Prema MagiCAD Plugin

Selection software: ShuntLogik
Discipline: Piping
Product types: Shunt units

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The new PREMA MagiCAD plugin for PREMA’s shunt dimensioning program ShuntLogik® allows direct data transfer between ShuntLogik® and your MagiCAD project. With the PREMA MagiCAD plugin, you can calculate and configure shunt units and import the units with 3D geometry and key technical data directly into your MagiCAD project. ShuntLogik® is a web-based tool for dimensioning and configuring shunt units for fluid-based heating, cooling and heat recovery. More information on how to use ShuntLogik® can be found on the PREMA website

More information of the usage of the Prema plugin for Revit »


PREMA supplies customised and purpose-built shunt solutions for fluid-based heating, cooling and heat recovery.

Recognised as the gold-standard in customised pre-fabricated shunt solutions, our flexible Premablock® system is available in over 50 functional configurations that deliver superior heating and cooling functionality to building facilities all over the Nordic region. Thanks to the flexibility of the Premablock® system, we are able to build systems for the toughest and most challenging environments, including industrial HVAC solutions with extreme pressure and temperature requirements, as well as for environments with demanding requirements on material purity.

Premablock® is designed to minimise running costs and maximise operation up-time. It is also designed with ease of maintenance in mind and its modular nature allows for easy scalability and additional add-ons such as expansion systems, glycol mixers, particle filters as well as de-gassing equipment and other maintenance solutions.