Highlights from Panel Discussion – Improving Quality in Construction – The one advice you will give to construction professionals to produce good quality outcomes?


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On the occasion of ‘World Quality Day’ on 11th November, MagiCAD Construction Solutions organised a panel discussion on the topic ‘Improving quality in construction – What, How and Why’ with a number of industry experts.

The speakers came from diverse backgrounds. And, they provided their views on a number of questions related to the topic.


Eric (Rik) Vere – Commercial Director – Stephenson Group (concrete frame & groundworks contractor)

Michael (Mike) Cornell – Chartered Construction Manager

Melanie Dawson – Director, Origin7 Ltd (BIM & Digital Construction Consultancy)

Thomas (Tom) Young – Director, Construction – MagiCAD Group Ltd (UK)

In the third and the final blog of this series, we will summarise the responses of the panellists to the question  What is the one advice you will give to construction professionals to produce good quality outcomes? 

Panellists’ responses

Rik’s advice was specific to the clients. He highlighted the importance of early engagement with the supply chain, which helps with delivering projects in line with client expectations. 

In Mike’s opinion, the industry professionals could be more open to use of new materials in construction. He cited the example of the advances made by the automotive industry with the use of new materials. 

Melanie emphasised on asking questions to gather all the information required to make good quality decisions. And, then follow it up with documentation and processes. 

Tom’s advice was simple –  ‘Trust, but verify’. His preference was for using checklists to drive quality assurance across different phases of the construction process. 

Make up your own minds whether you agree or disagree with our panellists by watching the video below.  


Curious about some of the other questions that we asked the panellists?
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