Highlights from Panel Discussion – Improving Quality in Construction – What is the most important factor behind good quality outcomes?


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On the occasion of ‘World Quality Day’ on 11th November, MagiCAD Construction Solutions organised a panel discussion on the topic ‘Improving quality in construction – What, How and Why’ with a number of industry experts.

The speakers came from diverse backgrounds. And, they provided their views on a number of questions related to the topic.


Eric (Rik) Vere – Commercial Director – Stephenson Group (concrete frame & groundworks contractor)

Michael (Mike) Cornell – Chartered Construction Manager

Melanie Dawson – Director, Origin7 Ltd (BIM & Digital Construction Consultancy)

Thomas (Tom) Young – Director, Construction – MagiCAD Group Ltd (UK)

In the second of the three-part blog series, we will summarise the responses of the panellists to the question – What is the most important factor behind good quality outcomes – People/Process/Technology/Regulation?

Panellists’ responses

Mike emphasised that ‘people’ associated with a construction project are best placed to deliver good quality outcomes. And, they can do this by following the proper processes and being open to the use of new technologies.

However, Melanie opined that it is the combination of all three – people, process and technology, that leads to positive results. In her opinion it has to be done in.a certain sequence. Right people -> Clearly defined processes -> Technology investment. It is when you try and jump a step, you have disappointing results.

Rik touched upon the role of regulation as providing a level playing field for all the participants. But, he said that a ‘regulation driven approach’ would lead to doing the minimum that helps with compliance.

Tom suggested that companies that have produced consistently good quality results pin it on the technology (3D/BIM). However, they miss the point that it was the adoption of BIM based processes, that led to better conversations and eventually to better outcomes.

Make up your own minds whether you agree or disagree with our panellists by watching the video below.


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