Hydrokapillare® water capillary heating/cooling technology now available in MagiCAD Cloud


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Hydrokapillare® water capillary heating/cooling technology now available in MagiCAD Cloud

We have exciting news to all HVAC designers; We are happy to welcome Latvian manufacturer SIA Hydrokapillar Tech and their Hydrokapillare® system to MagiCAD Cloud. Hydrokapillar Tech’s vision is to be a partner for public and private sector customers in the implementation of low-energy heating and cooling solutions, using water capillary mat technology, and creating synergies with companies in the industry.

Water capillary mats are the key elements of the Hydrokapillare® system. The water capillary mat system can be used for underfloor heating, or heating and cooling if the system is installed in the ceiling or walls. The capillary tubes are made from high quality polypropylene, an environmentally friendly and safe plastic with excellent thermal management and elasticity properties. The Hydrokapillare® system is considered a low temperature system because sufficient flow temperature is +25-30°C in heating mode and +16-18°C in cooling mode due to the large area coverage with capillary tubes.

According to SIA Hydrokapillar Tech, the benefits of the Hydrokapillare® heating system include material and operational cost savings, reduction of CO2 emissions, and creation of pleasant indoor air, which is not dry. The system can be installed on any free surface (floor, ceiling, walls) in the room, and it can be combined with ventilation or other cooling systems. Due to the low temperature the system is highly compatible with a heat pump, and it can be connected to various energy sources such as central heating, gas boiler, pellet boiler, solar collector etc. The capillary heat exchangers can also be used in greenhouses, for cooling of PV panels and for other heating/cooling purposes.

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About SIA Hydrokapillar Tech

SIA Hydrokapillar Tech offers a full range of services for the implementation of a highly energy-efficient water capillary mat heating and cooling system – from system design to its implementation and maintenance. They also supply and install heat pumps and PV panels to provide stable, economical, and climate-neutral heating and cooling solutions. SIA Hydrokapillar Tech serves customers in the public and private sector and looks for new distributors and cooperation partners.

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