MagiCAD Electrical Cable and cable packet drawing tools

Cable and cable packet drawing tools

Powerful tools for drawing cables and cable packets and examining related information

  • Draw cables and cable packets
  • Estimate real cable lengths
  • Connect cables to switchboards
  • Examine cable packet information

Drawing tools for cables and cable packets make designing cable systems easy. You can modify the presentation during drawing, draw cables and cable packets to the correct height level to accurately estimate cable lengths, and automatically add connection boxes.

Connecting cables to switchboards is also easy. You can create connections simply by assigning circuits to supply cables. There is no need to draw the full route of each supply cable separately. The supply cables can be connected to cable packets for more accurate length evaluation.

Cable packets also carry information about the exact number of cables at every point allowing you to estimate the weight and cross-sectional area requirements for the cable route that will support them.