MagiCAD for Revit receives IFC4 certification as first MEP design software globally


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MagiCAD Group has received IFC4 MEP Reference Exchange certification for its BIM software for MEP design, MagiCAD for Revit. This makes MagiCAD the first IFC4 certified MEP design software globally. IFC4 is the latest edition of Industry Foundation Classes (IFC), an open and neutral standard for Building Information Modeling (BIM), developed by the international organisation buildingSMART.

IFC is the main standard that enables information exchange between different software applications that are used in the building industry. As such, it is also a key part of openBIM, a collaborative and vendor neutral approach that ‘extends the benefits of BIM by improving the accessibility, usability, management and sustainability of digital data in the built asset industry’, as defined by buildingSMART. Because of its emphasis on interoperability, IFC is an official requirement in many countries, particularly in the Nordics, for government projects.

MagiCAD’s IFC4 certification is the result of MagiCAD Group’s committed approach to product development. “Our dedicated investment in IFC development, since 1997, has always been fruitful, both for us and our customers,” says Mikael Ekenberg, Head of Products at MagiCAD Group. ”Being able to fulfill today´s and tomorrow´s demands for open BIM delivery is essential when being a player in a global market. Major building owners have realised that information is a valuable asset that has to be taken care of and secured so that it can be used and utilised in the future. Here, IFC has an important role to play and we are supporting that role.”

MagiCAD’s IFC4 certification is for MEP Reference Exchange and IFC export. This means that the MEP models produced with MagiCAD can be included into a collaborative BIM workflow with other planning disciplines using IFC4 compatible software, in particular to support clash detection and resolution of issues resulting from geometry.

The first IFC4 certified MagiCAD version is MagiCAD 2022.1, released on 17.8.2021.