Manufacturer Services Resources and Support

Manufacturer Services Resources and Support

MagiCAD Access Management

MagiCAD Access Management allows you to oversee your company’s user rights and roles within MagiCAD Cloud services and Manufacturer Hub. Access to MagiCAD Access Management is limited to admins. To access the MagiCAD Access Management portal and its related services, a MagiCAD account is required. If you don’t have an account yet, but you are designated as the company admin, you can create one using the login dialog. If you need support with MagiCAD Access Management, please reach out to our support team.

User permissions configured within MagiCAD Access Management

Depending on the MagiCAD Cloud Services included in your MagiCAD Cloud contract, the following user rights are available:

MagiCAD Cloud – Maintenance

Access the MagiCAD Cloud Manufacturer Hub to gain insights into the usage of your products. With Maintenance rights, you receive periodic emails related to your products in MagiCAD Cloud. Additionally, you can use the Online Data Modeling Tool to add ETIM or other additional data to your products in MagiCAD Cloud.

Use Online Data Modeling Tool

MagiCAD Cloud – Premium Analytics

You can access Premium Analytics through the Manufacturer Hub. This service equips you with tools to comprehensively understand how your products are utilized both in MagiCAD Cloud and within design software.

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MagiCAD Cloud – Branded Pages

In the MagiCAD Cloud Manufacturer Hub, you can oversee advertisements for Branded Pages and manage manufacturer collections within MagiCAD Cloud. The Branded Pages serve as your personalized online catalog to showcase your products.

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Manufacturer Services Resources and Support - Manufacturer Hub

MagiCAD Cloud Manufacturer Hub

Seeking insights on how your products are utilized within the MagiCAD ecosystem and Revit? The MagiCAD Cloud Manufacturer Hub serves as your gateway to comprehensive analytics. It displays your active services and products and it is also your place to manage Branded Pages and product data in MagiCAD Cloud. In order to access to Manufacturer Hub, you need user rights assigned by your company’s admin.

Log in to MagiCAD Cloud Manufacturer Hub

Co-marketing with MagiCAD Group

Co-marketing with MagiCAD Group

Collaborating with MagiCAD Group grants manufacturers direct access to joint marketing activities. This partnership enhances brand recognition and customer acquisition.

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