Climecon MagiCAD Plugin

Selection software: Climecon Hoods, Huuva.X, Tuisku.X, Vent.X
Discipline: Ventilation
Product types: Kitchen hoods, Rain and snow covers, Air diffusers

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The Climecon Hoods software for kitchen ventilation allows you to choose the optimal kitchen hood and ceiling ventilation models for any environment. The software includes hoods for professional kitchens, ceiling ventilation systems, supply air devices as well as exhaust air diffusers. You can also use the Huuva.X selection tool to define hoods according to installation method, air distribution and dimensioning and import your selection directly into MagiCAD. If you need help in designing kitchen ventilation, please do not hesitate to contact Climecon’s Design Service.

With the plugin, you can also access Climecon’s Tuisku.X product selection software for TUISKU snow and rain covers. Select and size the products and then import them into MagiCAD projects using all of the models and sizes available in the TUISKU product line. The selected products can be imported into MagiCAD projects with just a few mouse clicks. The objects imported using the plugin carry data on the dimensions, sound levels and pressure differences based on user-defined air flow values. Finding the right snow or rain cover for your project has never been this easy!

The Vent.X selection software allows you to insert Climecon air diffuser products into MagiCAD projects in AutoCAD and Revit environments. Vent.X provides direct access to Climecon’s wide range of supply and exhaust air diffusers. Select suitable air terminal devices and design their throw patterns to optimize the air distribution. The Vent.X selection tool makes it easy to add the final piece to a ventilation network and ensure optimal functionality for ventilation systems.


Climecon is a leading Finnish manufacturer of high-quality air terminals, and connection and balancing plenum boxes. Climecon’s product range includes hoods for professional kitchens, ceiling ventilation systems, supply air devices and exhaust air diffusers and chemical air purifiers. Marine ventilation is an important part of Climecon’s business.