Daikin MagiCAD Plugin

Selection software: Daikin ASTRA
Discipline: Ventilation
Product types: Air handling units

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Daikin ASTRA web application is an AHU selection software, where designers can define few key parameters to select suitable air handling unit for their needs from D-AHU Professional, D-AHU Modular R or D-AHU Modular P series. The Daikin Astra MagiCAD for Revit plugin will obtain technical data and geometry for the air handling unit from Daikin ASTRA application to plain Revit or MagiCAD for Revit. The user has a possibility to connect the air handling unit to the ducts in the designing software, and the technical data for the air connection can be used in MagiCAD calculations.


Daikin Applied Europe, formerly McQuay Europa, is part of the Daikin Group since 2006. Founded in 1968, the company has a more than 50 years long history serving businesses and clients in the HVAC industry. Daikin Applied Europe manufactures and supplies components for hydronic HVAC systems, serving all continents and employing over 750 people.