TTM MagiCAD Plugin

Selection software: SHUNTselect
Discipline: Piping
Product types: Shunt units

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The TTM MagiCAD plugin allows direct data transfer between TTM’s SHUNTselect calculation software and MagiCAD for AutoCAD.

With the plugin, it is easy and fast to calculate and configure shunt units, and import the units with full 3D geometry and key technical data directly into your MagiCAD projects. The plugin is fully compatible with MagiCAD’s balancing calculations, and saves your time by enabling easy editing and resizing when changes are needed later in the project.

TTM’s SHUNTselect software is a web-based tool for dimensioning and configuring shunt units for fluid-based heating, cooling and heat recovery. For more information and instructions on how to use the SHUNTselect software, please watch the demonstration video below. You can also find more information about the plugin on the TTM website at http://www.ttmenergi.se/ttmmagicad.

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TTM Energiprodukter AB Is a market leader in manufacturing prefabricated shunt units, offering a wide range of shunt solutions for heat, cooling and heat recovery systems. TTM shunt units provide properly-sized and well-functioning shunts for plants and other installations.

Over more than 40 years of manufacturing prefabricated shunt units, TTM has built a high level of knowledge and experience that enables them to provide the most optimal solution for each customer.

TTM focuses on flow efficiency through prefabrication. With their experience and expertise, TTM builds prefabricated products that can have very special requirements, including compact and flexible designs with extreme demands for surface, installation and operation.