MagiCAD Schematics Easy-symbol installation and definition

Easy symbol installation and definition

Effective functions for defining symbols and adding them into schematic drawings

  • Drag and drop symbols into drawing
  • Create symbol connections automatically
  • Define symbol and line combinations for later use

MagiCAD makes schematic creation easy with effective tools for defining and adding symbols. Symbol definitions allow you to set parameters and default values that are included in the family when the symbol is installed. Symbol definitions can be stored into the dataset for later use.

Adding symbols into a schematic is easy. You can simply drag and drop symbols from the MagiCAD symbol installation tool palette into the drawing. The available symbols can be organised to groups, making the correct symbol easy to find. You can define the symbol information either when adding it or afterwards. Symbols will also inherit information from connected system segments.

When you add a symbol into the schematic, all the necessary connections are made automatically. The symbols will also always stay attached to the line when either stretching the line or moving an individual symbol.

Symbols and lines can also be combined as pre-defined symbol assemblies and stored to the dataset for later use. This is very useful when working with repeating elements or when adding more complex combinations.