Supports & Hangers
MagiCAD Supports Hangers Support and hanger installation

Support and hanger installation

Fast and effective design and installation of support and hanger systems

  • Easy design and installation of different types of support and hanger systems
  • Define geometry, base and connection mode for system components
  • Preview solution before installation
  • Batch installation for networks and branches

MagiCAD allows you to easily design and install different types of support and hanger systems. The system elements can be previewed in 2D and 3D before accepting the solution.

Different options for the system components allow you to define the support and hanger system in detail. Geometry options set the starting point and distance to building objects for system components. Base point options include slab, wall, beam, column, ceiling and user-defined mounting. Installation point allows you to define the connection mode and connection details for the components.

You can also use a batch installation function for a network or a branch. The spacing for the support and hanger elements can be defined manually or using pre-set spacing schemes and the placement of the support and hanger elements can be fine-tuned with distance settings for different situations. Using batch installation greatly increases installation efficiency and helps maintain design consistency.