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WSP Systems has worked in close cooperation with the contractor PEAB throughout the construction period. Heating, ventilation and sanitation, electricity, the architect’s model and design have been prepared in a common model which has been in frequent use at the construction site.

Cooperation between the installation designers has been smoother than normal with everything being assembled in computer models which are used to plan the work. The computer screen’s 3D image clearly shows how the installation is to be carried out. “Designing installations in 3D is routine for us now,” says Ulrica Keisu, of WSP Systems in Sweden. She is senior project manager for the 3D design of heating, ventilation and sanitation systems for “Boden Arena” using MagiCAD. This is just one of many WSP projects where 3D offers major benefits through the coordination of design and installation work.

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Ocak 2019’da markamızı MagiCAD ismi altında birleştirdik. Progman Oy ve bağlı şirketlerimiz CADCOM AB ile Progman Software UK Ltd’nin isimleri, MagiCAD Group olarak değiştirildi. Buna ek olarak, MagiCloud, MagiCAD Cloud olarak yeniden adlandırıldı.