MagiCAD Cloud FAQ

What is MagiCAD Cloud?

MagiCAD Cloud is Europe’s largest Building Information Modelling (BIM) library for Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) objects. BIM objects on MagiCAD Cloud are verified by the manufacturers and contain accurate dimensions and comprehensive technical information for MEP calculations.

MagiCAD Cloud serves the needs of MEP designers, engineers preparing specifications, contractors, as well as others in the construction industry when designing for BIM.

MagiCAD Cloud subscription is free, with no hidden costs. By subscribing to MagiCAD Cloud, users can browse a full catalogue of more than 1,000,000 BIM objects and view product-specific technical data and 3D previews on the objects. MagiCAD Cloud subscribers can also download a portion of the BIM objects for use in projects. Full access of the MagiCAD Cloud is provided with the purchase of MagiCAD software for MEP. Depending on the manufacturer, the downloadable objects on MagiCAD Cloud are available in Revit RFA format, AutoCAD DXF format, or both.

How can I subscribe to MagiCAD Cloud for free?

Subscribing to MagiCAD Cloud is easy and takes only a minute of your time, go to address and fill in your details. You will receive an email from MagiCAD Cloud with a link for completing your registration. Click the link, complete your registration and define a password for your MagiCAD Cloud account. When you have completed the registration, you have instant and free-of-charge access to all of MagiCAD Cloud’s downloadable content on

How does my free subscription to MagiCAD Cloud benefit me?

MagiCAD Cloud contains more than 1,000,000 high-quality BIM objects of MEP products from 290 leading manufacturers. BIM objects within the database are complete with accurate dimensions and comprehensive technical data for MEP calculations.

A portion of the BIM objects are downloadable to subscribers free of charge. Depending on the manufacturer, the downloadable objects on MagiCAD Cloud are available in Revit RFA format, AutoCAD DXF format, or both.

In which file formats are the downloadable object models available on MagiCAD Cloud?

Depending on the manufacturer, the downloadable objects on MagiCAD Cloud are available in Revit RFA format, AutoCAD DXF format, or both. Revit RFA files support two (or in some cases, four) of the latest Revit versions.

How accurate and reliable are the MagiCAD Cloud objects in terms of dimensions and data content?

Very accurate for design purposes. You can be sure that manufacturer-specific objects available through MagiCAD Cloud have been checked for quality by the manufacturer of the physical MEP product or device.

Can I use BIM objects from MagiCAD Cloud without MagiCAD?

Yes, you can. The objects available through MagiCAD Cloud do not require the use of MagiCAD. MagiCAD Cloud is intended for all MEP designers who use AutoCAD and Revit technologies. A portion of the BIM objects are downloadable to all MagiCAD Cloud subscribers. Depending on the manufacturer, the downloadable objects on MagiCAD Cloud are available in Revit RFA format, AutoCAD DXF format, or both.  However, if you are a MagiCAD for MEP software user, you have access to all of MagiCAD Cloud’s over 1,000,000 data-rich objects through MagiCAD’s Product Browser and MagiCAD Connect. MagiCAD also enables you to make full use of the technical data stored in the BIM objects, enabling advanced calculations and more accurate MEP design.

How do we as a manufacturer benefit from adding our products on MagiCAD Cloud?

For you as the manufacturer, MagiCAD Cloud provides one of the most relevant and powerful channels for your digital marketing efforts. In addition to making your products available to MEP designers all around the world who are using MagiCAD, and doing it at the right moment when they select products into their projects, through MagiCAD Cloud your products will be accessible also to the wider network of Revit and AutoCAD users subscribing to MagiCAD Cloud. As the manufacturer, you also have the option to view live usage statistics on the objects you have added on MagiCAD Cloud. Read more about our offering to the manufacturer »

Is it possible to add our existing 3D objects to MagiCAD Cloud or create the library based on existing models?

MagiCAD Cloud offers 3D objects that include not only the shape of the product but also the technical data needed for detailed calculations in the Revit and AutoCAD environments. In most cases, the existing 3D object cannot be equipped with this data in a way that would be compatible with both Revit and AutoCAD technologies. This is why we produce the 3D objects ourselves and do not use existing objects as a basis.

What are the costs involved in adding our products into MagiCAD Cloud?

The cost of creating a MagiCAD Cloud product database is always a one-time cost. We will provide you with a quotation based on the products you wish to add to MagiCAD Cloud. The quotation is based on our time estimation which is composed of the following parts: geometry modelling, database creation, testing, database administration and publishing. Once you accept the quotation, we will begin the modelling work.

What is the modelling process like?

The product modelling project proceeds in three stages:

  1. The customer provides all the relevant product information to MagiCAD, including the list of products the customer wishes to add to MagiCAD Cloud and technical brochures (or similar) with product information.
  2. MagiCAD creates the database, tests it and delivers it to the customer. The necessary tools for checking the database are provided to the customer free-of-charge.
  3. Customer checks and approves the database, after which the database is published on MagiCAD Cloud and is also instantly available to all MagiCAD users worldwide.

What are the benefits of having our products available also through MagiCAD software?

MagiCAD is the leading Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) design software in the Nordic countries, Russia and China, and the access to MagiCAD Cloud’s data-rich BIM objects is one of MagiCAD’s key functionalities. Data-rich product libraries within MagiCAD generate tremendous value for the MEP designers by providing them with sufficient technical data for making informed engineering decisions and by enabling them to perform relevant, discipline-specific calculations based on real data. As such, the product libraries provide an effective marketing channel for the manufacturers for reaching  MEP professionals internationally at the right time when they select products for their projects.

Why do the 3D objects loaded into the project seem less detailed than the preview 3D objects?

The 3D preview is very detailed to give an accurate visual impression of how the product are in real life. Once the product is loaded into a project, an optimised version of the same 3D object is created for the purposes of optimising the project size. This optimised version has all the same physical dimensions, characteristics and data as the more visually-detailed preview, but because of the optimisation, the hard drive space required by the object is considerably smaller. This is one of the benefits of MagiCAD, as it provides products with accurate characteristics and data and at the same time ensures that the project does not become too cumbersome in terms of system performance. MagiCAD projects work with optimal performance even when thousands of BIM objects have been added into the projects.

We do not want to be tied to any specific CAD technology. Therefore we are planning to create BIM libraries in IFC format. Can you use them for MagiCAD?

IFC is an excellent, platform-independent data transfer and information exchange format for BIM projects. We are an active partner of BuildingSmart and we have adopted the IFC format into our data export processes already in the early stages of IFC development. However, IFC is intended specifically for data sharing and compatibility, and as such it is not a complete BIM file format for design and calculation purposes.

For the moment, there is no existing BIM design software which could import a product in IFC format. More specifically, Revit is the most commonly used BIM tool for MEP design worldwide and it does not support the import of products in IFC format.

Our products are sold as OEM under different brands. How do you deal with OEM on MagiCAD Cloud?

We already have cases of OEM cooperation on MagiCAD Cloud. If your products are distributed under different names, we can reuse the existing objects and simply change the necessary parameters (including product name, product code, description, manufacturer name, etc.) This is very cost-efficient for all parties involved. If some of your products are already available on MagiCAD Cloud under a different brand, we can coordinate the sharing of the MagiCAD Cloud database with all the relevant parties based on your guidelines and instructions.