Flexit MagiCAD Plugin

Selection software: Flexit Select
Discipline: Ventilation
Product types: Air terminal devices


Flexit air handling units are manufactured in one piece as compact units, and calculated and designed in the Flexit Calculation – software. Dimensioning and selection of air handling units are done with the software, and the final results can be transferred directly to your MagiCAD project.

Download Flexit Calculation from Flexit website »

32-bit MagiCAD connection is included in Flexit Calculation – software installation. 64-bit MagiCAD connection requires separate installation.

Download 64-bit MagiCAD connection »


Flexit is the largest supplier of ventilation systems to private homes in Norway. The market position is strong due to investment in product development, processing of the market and quality assurance at all levels. Sales in the professional market have also risen sharply in recent years as a result of a greater commitment to the industry. There is also a great demand for Flexit products abroad. Flexit has gained a significant market outside Norway and sells its products through its own sales offices in Sweden and distributors in Germany, Denmark, Finland, the Baltic States, Poland, Russia and Holland.