What does this mean for MEP Designers?


As an Autodesk AEC Industry Partner, we integrate our MagiCAD solutions and our MagiCloud online BIM object library into Autodesk industry solutions, making them fully inter-operable. Enhanced project workflows and integrated product solutions will make you more efficient as an Autodesk product user. We have created tools and BIM objects for Autodesk Revit which are specifically aligned with the Guidelines, Standards and Regulations of the UK and Irish markets.


MEP design as part of an overall BIM workflow is not just software, nor is it simply a 3D model. A building design not only contains the model elements but also the vast amounts of information that make up the project, as well as the process of exchanging that information with other parties involved. Whereas previous workflows relied on multiple file formats and disconnected processes that quickly became out of sync when changes were made, BIM allows for a dynamic and synchronised approach to project management.

“This collaborative effort is a progression of Autodesk’s strategy to provide BIM platforms, enabling third-party developers like MagiCAD Group to extend the MEP feature set and secure an end-to-end BIM process,” says Vikram Dutt, Sr., Director Building Business Line.


MagiCAD Group are a global company and can provide you with geographically localised content for increased product functionality through links, extensions, and embedded technology. Our flagship software MagiCAD is used in over 80 countries, making it the number one BIM solution for powerful, faster and more efficient MEP design within Revit and AutoCAD. MagiCAD Group is also the provider of Europe’s largest BIM object library dedicated to MEP products. MagiCloud has BIM object libraries exceeding 1,000,000 MEP products from 270 manufacturers. In addition to this, MagiCAD Group also offers plugins which enable product selection and customisation tools from over 30 different manufacturers.

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