MagiCAD employees magimakers


In the 1990s

In the 1990s, our collaboration with Autodesk resulted in the release of MagiCAD for AutoCAD and later MagiCAD for Revit, becoming the leading MEP design solutions in the Nordics and Europe. The name, “MagiCAD,” was inspired by the software’s ability to perform design automatically, just like magic.

In the 2000s

In 2014, MagiCAD Group became a part of Glodon. a digital building platform service provider dedicated to data application and technology innovation in the construction industry.

In 2019, Progman and its subsidiary companies were renamed to MagiCAD Group. MagiCAD Group’s software for MEP design continued to be the flagship of the company. However more emphasis was placed on serving MEP manufacturers’ needs.

Today, we are a global software solutions and manufacturer services provider with mission to help create better buildings.