Web-based Training Overview

MagiCAD for Revit MEP web-based software training is not hand’s on. This form of training is classed as ‘distance learning’ (performed remotely by webinar) and is suitable for topping up knowledge after the initial full in-house or Multi Company Training (MCT) has been completed. Shorter web-based top up training sessions are a cost-effective method for companies’ to utilise for top-up training. Individual features and more complex tools can be isolated and focused on in more detail.

Web-based training is sold in 1 hour blocks and can be used on demand. Based on our resource availability, our dedicated team of qualified and knowledgeable MEP engineers will liease with the customer to create a detailed itinery of the tools, features, and workflow to cover in a session.

Revit Experience 

From a wealth of experience training designers from hundreds of M&E companies across the UK and Ireland, our MEP engineers reccommend that any engineer or technician engaging in MagiCAD web-based training should have at least 6 months of experience using out-of-the-box Revit to deliver fee-earning project work. The fundamentals of Revit MEP are essential to know before tackling MagiCAD for Revit to ensure a smooth and successful learning curve and a faster ROI for your company.

Enquiries and Booking

We currently offer MagiCAD for Revit web-based training services to customers working for companies based in the UK and Ireland. Please fill out our contact form for further information and to book your web-based training sessions.

This effective method of delivering feature-specific training is just £125 per hour!


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