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Did you know that you can export your heating and cooling loads from IESVE directly into MagiCAD to further enhance your MEP design?

MagiCAD – Localised for a UK design workflow

MagiCAD Group is a leading provider of high-end software solutions to the global Building Services industry. The company is behind MagiCAD for Revit, the No.1 fully integrated BIM solution for MEP design in the UK.

MagiCAD provides superior modelling and coordination tools, an extensive content library of more than 1,000,000 data-rich intelligent manufacturer-verified real MEP objects, the ability to design and perform integrated UK-aligned CIBSE verified engineering calculations, and ships with the templates required to support the successful delivery of projects to a UK design workflow.

Collaboration between MagiCAD and IESVE

MagiCAD’s recent collaboration with IESVE creates a long-standing software partnership ensuring our customer base can be confident in having all the leading tools needed to complete project work more efficiently.

When using this collaborative functionality, the end-user must have the ability to work within a common modelling environment and it is the Architect that typically defines this. As Autodesk Revit is the common platform choice in the UK, the interoperability between MagiCAD and IESVE also uses Revit.

Our collaboration currently provides a robust process where you can undertake your Loads within IESVE and, through the new interoperability connection from IESVE, you can export these to MagiCAD to develop your heating, cooling, and ventilation design.

Using a building performance simulation platform, such as IESVE, this increases the level of accuracy within your CIBSE Loads calculations, benefiting from the Architectural model, and the ability to layer additional levels of analysis, such as solar shading. In addition, there are the benefits of increased productivity.

How to export IESVE Loads into MagiCAD for Revit?

The key interoperability functionality from IESVE to MagiCAD is based on the new IESVE Loads report. This can be accessed within VistaPro once you have run the CIBSE or ASHRAE heating and cooling loads calculation. The report can then generate an .IFC file which is imported into MagiCAD.

This new IESVE import feature sits within the MagiCAD for Revit Common Tools tab and allows you to easily import your IESVE load results. By ensuring the original room name data is aligned, the data that is uploaded to the MagiCAD model is instantly ready for you to then develop your MEP design.

The advantage of using this process for producing heating and cooling loads information is not only based on the productivity tools in MagiCAD that enable you to create your MEP design quickly and easily within the 3D environment, but also the fact that it is located within Revit itself, reducing the interoperability steps to a minimum.

Continued cooperation for your benefit

Here at MagiCAD, we look forward to continuing our collaboration with IESVE to provide the UK MEP market with the interoperability our customers require from their go-to software solutions.

For further information on how we can help you with this new interoperability, please contact MagiCAD and IESVE for further details.