Investing in MagiCAD for Revit

Return on Investment (ROI) and Expected Payback Period

When considering an investment in new MEP design software, one of the most common considerations is to find a future-proof solution that comprehensively covers the company’s MEP design and calculation needs. At the same time the solution should enhance the company’s operational capabilites through greater productivity (more efficient design workflow), translating to a higher profit margin by enabling more billable hours with the same workforce.
With a proven track record, both globally and across the UK and Irish markets, MagiCAD’s high level of fully-integrated enhanced automation enables greater productivity, creates more efficient day-to-day design workflows, and has the capability to reduce project design time by up to 30% and speed up modelling and coordination work by 50%. MagiCAD’s time-saving functionality enables more billable projects to be completed within the same timeframe with the same workforce.

Increased Productivity – What does this mean to me?

MagiCAD for Revit provides increased design productivity across different levels of a company depending where in the organisation the employee works. The following quick facts show how our UK-aligned MEP design platform can benefit you.


  • Higher margins per man-hour and more billable projects with the same resources
  • Less risk of schedule overruns and reduced impact of revisions on project time and costs
  • Satisfied project partners and customers through greater delivery quality and reliability
  • Global platform makes it easier to find employees and partners familiar with the same technology


  • Meet even the most stringent BIM requirements in tenders
  • Efficient interdisciplinary processes between project parties
  • Less need for searching products or maintaining own libraries
  • Compliance with country-specific design standards and practices


  • Smoother and easier day-to-day design workflow
  • Focus on the essential when automation reduces routine work
  • Easier updates to the model and improved recognition of potential errors
  • Higher delivery quality with less need for revisions


  • Reduce complexity and system integration issues by consolidating MEP design on one solution
  • Optimise IT processes through smaller number of required vendors
  • Full integration with Autodesk software means less compatibility issues
  • Easy installation, maintenance and license management


Don't just take our word for it

Find out how our reference customers have been using MagiCAD’s extensive manufacturer-verified MEP content library, powerful modelling tools, and fully integrated engineering calculations to enhance their operational design capabilities and deliver fee-earning project work more efficiently and at a reduced cost.

Daniel Cosgrove
(MEP BIM Manager)

Aecom Ltd, UK

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“We’ve been using MagiCAD for around 3 years in various areas such as mechanical and plumbing, and most recently have used it alongside lighting design software, DIALux, to reduce the time it took to fit the 1,000 room hospital with lighting fixtures.”

“It was a simple process — with just a couple of clicks we created exports for DIALux for each of the 12 floors, performing the necessary calculations and then importing the lighting design directly into the building information model. We imported several thousand lighting fixtures back into Revit in just a few hours. In order to complete Stage 4 design, we simply needed to circuit the lights using standard Revit circuiting.”
“MagiCAD was purchased to help us with this particular project, which it did, and we have not looked back since. It would have taken me months to manually insert each asset code into each product. This was already inherent in MagiCAD.””It’s far more accurate to use MagiCAD, having the calculations executed with UK aligned specifications, to avoid double handling of the data. We use the calculation tool for every build, and it’s been critical that MagiCAD’s calculations are customised for the UK market.”

Luke Mitchell
(Principal Mechanical Engineer)

Waldeck Associates Ltd, UK

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Karen Butler
(Associate – Building Services)

Pick Everard, UK

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“MagiCAD for Revit supports the UK standards. Using MagiCAD has resulted in better coordination between services, allowing us to pass onto the contractor a design which requires less development and alteration.””For us, the important features that MagiCAD brings on top of Revit include the product database, the clever drafting tools, and the integrated calculation functions. All of these features save time. I believe using MagiCAD has provided us with the opportunity to greatly increase our productivity.”

MagiCAD Software ramp-up process

In most cases the Engineers and/or Technicians will be able to begin working effectively with MagiCAD immediately after the initial training and begin benefiting from some of MagiCAD’s productivity-enhancing features already in the days immediately following the training. However, an initial learning period with a temporary -25% decrease in productivity for 1-month is included in the ramp-up calculation. This conservative estimate is to balance the calculation in a way that takes into account individual variance to an extent that we can expect it to cover even highly demanding implementations.

For the purposes of the calculation, the period of gradual learning before the customer reaches the full 30% productivity enhancement is taken to be approximately 6-months after the initial learning period. This is based on almost a decade of previous cases of MagiCAD adoption within the UK and Irish markets. In other words, in cases where the Engineers and/or Technicians have previous out-of-the-box Revit experience, the average time for reaching a 30% productivity improvement in Revit-based MEP design with MagiCAD is 6-months. This average should cover most companies regardless of the starting point, but depending on the case, some months may be added to this expectation to adjust the calculations to reflect a longer adoption process.


After the initial learning period of 1 month, productivity increases by 5% per month


Full 30% productivity enhancement reached in approximately 6 months after the initial learning period

Break-even Point & Payback Period

When examined in terms of profitability, the Return on Investment (ROI) enabled by the full 30% productivity increase is £1,500 per Engineer and/or Technician, meaning with four Engineers and/or Technicians, a total saving of £6,000 per month for the company when the total monthly employee cost is £5,000.

With these figures, the ROI during the first 12-months is approximately £33,360 or 189%, and £103,520 or 587% during the first 2-years. During the second year, the only cost resulting from the software is the license maintenance and support contract renewal price.

The 30% productivity boost can also be translated to an additional 1.2 man-years, resulting in 5.2 effective man-years with 4 Engineers and/or Technicians. This enables more billable projects and may also be considered from the perspective of higher profit margin per man-hour, resulting from the shorter average design project run-through times.

Payback time
6 months

Changes to your design workflow

MagiCAD and Revit create a powerful collaborative environment, but often you will need company specific standards, presentation styles, product data, specifications and calculation methods to suit your own company standards and practices. You may also need to adapt to a new way of designing, producing and delivering projects. Every design company has its own workflow and delivery standards, but sometimes processes will need to be aligned in a new way – the way that a single, collaborative environment provides.

Our team of experienced in-house MEP engineers have decades of experience between them and can assist with advising on and delivering these time consuming tasks as well as providing a fully customised training package. Your employees can be upskilled quickly and then be freed up to focus on fee-earning project work. This onboarding and customisation will ultimately result in an improved, more consistent and more efficient project delivery.

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