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MagiCAD 2021 includes all of the new features and improvements from previous MagiCAD releases. Please see also the feature highlights from the latest MagiCAD 2020 UR-1 and UR-2 releases.

MagiCAD 2021

1. Support for Autodesk Revit 2021


MagiCAD 2021 is compatible with the new Autodesk Revit 2021, as well as with the previous three Revit versions 2018-2020.

2. Create automatic main riser diagrams


A new Main Riser Diagram function in MagiCAD Schematics allows you to create automatic main riser schematics of selected electrical networks and then link them to the corresponding switchboards in the model. The wires in the main riser schematic are also linked to circuits in the model. You can select the symbols and line types to be used and set distances between switchboards. You can also easily ensure that the main riser schematic remains always up to date; simply map parameters and synchronise them to automatically update the schematic with any changes.

3. Install back boxes for electrical devices


Users can now install back boxes together with electrical devices. Back boxes can be connected to conduits, added to bills of materials and exported to IFC. The back-box type can be easily changed with a new Manage Back Boxes function. Including back boxes enables the modelled conduit system to be used, for example, in concrete element pre-fabrication, and for calculating more accurate bills of materials.

4. Use wire type data in Electrical calculations


Wire data from Wire Type Management can now be used in Electrical calculations. You can define which cable properties should be used in calculations in Wire Type Management. Electrical Calculations will then automatically suggest using the wire type data when the calculations are opened for the first time after creating a circuit. Additionally, when the wire type of a circuit is changed in the Electrical Calculations window, the feature will automatically suggest cable data for the new wire type. This makes it easy to ensure that calculations are always performed using the correct cable information. Electrical Calculations also have a new Validate function that can be used to check that all circuits have cable length defined, and that power is defined for circuits where it is mandatory. The function also allows users to check cable properties for all circuits and change them to match the wire types that were used.

5. Define bend radius for crossings


You can now set a bend radius for modified cable trays and conduits when creating crossings with MagiCAD Crossing tools, enabling even more accurate 3D modeling. The bend radiuses are used for both horizontal and vertical bends when the fitting types are able to accommodate them.

6. Support for using multiple shared parameter files


MagiCAD 2021 supports the use of multiple shared parameter files. Selecting, connecting and using multiple shared parameter files simultaneously saves a lot of time and improves the workflow and parameter management in all projects. Once the requested parameter files have been mapped to the dataset, all of the parameters are immediately available in MagiCAD.

7. Renewed Update Parameter tool and improved handling of parameters in Schematics

All, Schematics

MagiCAD 2021 introduces multiple enhancements to updating parameter values. You can now choose whether to update instance parameter values when updating parameter values from a dataset to a Revit project. This prevents users from accidentally overriding the existing parameter values. The Update Parameter tool also offers a better structured dialog with all parameters separated according to discipline, and includes a new option for updating domestic water device flow definitions.

MagiCAD Schematics now offers similar functionalities for parameter handling as other MagiCAD software. The Update Parameters tool has a separate tab for Schematics where you can synchronize type parameter values with the dataset. You can also add parameters to multiple symbols simultaneously and control whether instance parameter values are updated to default values.

8. Easy access to the Help Manual


You can now easily find instructions for the functions in the MagiCAD ribbon. Hovering over the function buttons and pressing F1 will open the relevant entry in the MagiCAD Help manual.

9. Gas system design with integrated calculations

Piping, Calculations

MagiCAD 2021 enables the design and calculation of natural gas systems. New gas specific parts, including gas valves, gas taps and gas meters, have been added to the piping module, enabling the design of gas-powered water heating, and gas connector support has been added to heating and cooling plant products. Together, the new additions enable comprehensive design of natural gas networks.

The new version also includes a new gas sizing and pressure calculation function. The functionality allows calculation of gas flows, pressure levels, and system part sizing in natural gas networks. The calculation guidelines, such as pressure losses in fittings and limits for pressure levels, follow the CIBSE standard. Users can define a power and design pressure level for gas outlets, a gas type and a pressure level at the network inlet. The gas calculation then performs network sizing based on the values to ensure required pressure levels at the gas outlets. The feature also includes an optional flow diversity setting for controlling the dimensioning flow in the network.

Gas calculation reports include the same functionalities as other piping calculations. Users can select the displayed columns, lock the sizes of selected pipes, update the calculation results, etc. Sizing results and calculation data can be updated to the model as in other piping calculations.

10. New routing options for sprinkler connections


The Inline connection option in the Sprinkler Connection tool now supports connections to the both sides of the selected pipe, whereas earlier versions only allowed for connections to one side.

11. Support for clamp sizing

Sprinkler, Pipes

MagiCAD pipe sizing now supports fittings with clamps. The outlet size is defined according to the pipe to be connected, and the inner diameter of the clamp is sized according to the outer diameter of the main pipe.

12. Intelligent radiator configuration and installation according to space data


The new radiator installation tool helps configure and install a radiator setup that optimizes radiator sizing and positioning. The tool uses space data to suggest suitable radiator sizes and identify correct radiator positions. When you are satisfied with the setup, you can simply install the radiators automatically, saving a huge amount of time in configuring and installing devices.

The radiator installation tool takes the heating load requirement from space data and checks the number of windows and their sill height and width. Based on the collected data, as well as the system temperatures and the technical data of the selected radiator types, the tool suggests optimal radiator sizes for each window in the room. Users can then make adjustments and change calculation settings before accepting the setup and installing the radiators.

13. Upgraded drainage connection tool


The upgraded drainage connection tool enables dramatic increases in speed, flexibility, and accuracy when modelling complex drainage systems. You can now predefine branch and bend angles, making it much faster to achieve exact routing solutions. You can also connect to a fitting from a pipe or a device using the fitting angle as the base for the routing calculation. This unlocks previously unavailable routing alternatives.

Connecting to vertical risers has been made easier with a new toolbar option that allows you to select whether to make the connection with a bend to the open pipe end, or as a branch connection to the vertical pipe with a definable branch angle. All the new options in the drainage connection tool include the existing controls for slope, automatic rotation, and floor offset.

14. Smart installation of manholes and chambers


A new Smart placement function makes the installation of manholes and chambers considerably easier. With Smart installation, the bottom of the manhole is adjusted automatically to match the bottom of the selected pipe. The top of the manhole is adjusted to the terrain or surface and MagiCAD automatically calculates the required collar length or height of the manhole. After installing the manhole, it then easy to continue drawing from the other connections on the manhole and create connections to relevant pipes.

15. Support for ASHRAE standards and Chinese calculation standards

Ventilation, Calculation

MagiCAD ventilation calculations now support commonly used fittings in the ASHRAE 2011 standards and Chinese calculation standards.