New MagiCAD 2020

with record number of new features

MagiCAD 2020, together with the preceding two update releases, brings extensive new functionality for MEP design in Autodesk Revit environments. This is the largest release yet by MagiCAD Group in terms of new functionality and the amount and variety of features allows MagiCAD 2020 to make design work easier and to improve workflows throughout the MagiCAD ecosystem.

New Feature Highlights for MagiCAD 2020 for Revit

MagiCAD 2020
Common Tools

Support for Autodesk BIM 360 Design

Offers up-to-date MagiCAD dataset to all project participants

  • Full support for Autodesk BIM 360 Design solution
  • MagiCAD datasets can automatically synchronize within a Revit project using Revit standard functionality

MagiCAD 2020

Updated wire routing tool

Provides better productivity & ease of use

  • Real-time preview of the drawn wire before accepting the next point
  • Most commonly used options available in toolbar
  • New chamfered wire routing presentation style
  • Possibility to activate an angular snap or a grid snap
  • New automatic wiring mode that draws wires automatically between devices in a circuit
  • Automatic wiring also displays a preview and you can toggle between alternatives before accepting a routing

MagiCAD 2020

New Move & Stretch tool for schematics

Enables easy editing of schematic drawings

  • New advanced Move & Stretch tool for modifying schematic drawings
    • When a line is moved all associated symbols follow & connections are automatically kept intact
  • New tool to prevent broken links when removing a symbol or device

MagiCAD 2020

Heat loss Calculations for heating systems

Enables verification of radiator power calculations & evaluating the need for insulation

  • Calculate the heat losses and fluid temperatures of supply pipes
  • Use a general ambient temperature or the temperatures of the spaces where the pipes are located

MagiCAD 2020
Ventilation & Piping

Copy & connect tool for entire branches in ventilation and piping design

Greatly improves modelling productivity and quality

  • Copy, mirror, rotate or move a full ventilation or piping branch
  • Adjust orientation and connect it into an existing network

MagiCAD 2020

Using constant pressure valves in domestic water systems

Enables calculations to be performed for the entire system

  • Support for constant pressure valves
  • Simply place the valves and define the correct outlet pressure from them
    • Ensures that the system downstream has correct service pressure

MagiCAD 2020
Ventilation, Piping & Electrical

Smart Move tool for Changing elevation offsets

Improves modeling productivity

  • Easily modify the elevation offsets for selected network parts
    • Move existing objects to a new elevation based on other objects’ offset
    • Ready offset alternatives for needed changes available
    • Selections can be previewed before they are applied

MagiCAD 2020
Ventilation & Piping

Resizing ducts and pipes directly from calculation & select report content

Introduces new bidirectional functions to calculation reports

  • Change duct & pipe size and insulation type directly from the calculation report
  • Select the report columns to be displayed and edit their order in the reports

MagiCAD 2019 UR-2
Common Tools

Integration to heating and cooling load calculations

Improves communication and collaboration between MEP designers and energy simulation professionals

  • Enables integration with external tools for calculating heating and cooling load demands

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MagiCAD 2019 UR-2
Ventilation, Piping & Electrical

New 3D routing tool for Ventilation, Piping and Electrical

Improves productivity in 3D modelling for all MEP disciplines

  • Wide range of quick, helpful, and effective functions for routing work in a 3D view
  • Employ both local and global coordinate systems
  • Easily define the placement, direction and length of MEP elements
  • Offers numerous short cuts and visual tools will also help to improve 3D modelling productivity

MagiCAD 2019 UR-1
Common Tools

Advanced new functions for Builders Work Openings

  • Define segment-specific size ranges to represent the required space around a specific duct, pipe, cable tray, conduit, and fire damper segment​
  • Select an object from a linked model limiting the selected area while using linked models​

MagiCAD 2019 UR-1
Common Tools

Different formats for generating clash reports

Offers more options for clash reports

  • Via BCF Manager export all or selected clashes in:
    • BIM Collaboration Format BcfZip
    • PDF
    • Spreadsheet
    • Printouts

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