Premium Analytics

Discover the Power of Premium Analytics for MEP Manufacturers

Are you a manufacturer looking for insights into the usage of your products in MagiCAD, AutoCAD, BricsCAD and Revit? Our Premium Analytics service offers you the tools to gain a comprehensive understanding of how your products are being utilized in MagiCAD Cloud and in MagiCAD software via MagiCAD Plugins or MagiCAD Cloud Selection Tools.

Key Features

Freely adjustable timeline

Examine the data on a yearly, quarterly, or monthly basis.

Flexible filtering

Utilize user-friendly filtering options to refine the data that matters most to you.

Granular insights

Separate data based on country, platform, discipline, and your customer.

Interactive visuals

You can filter the data either through the menu or by directly clicking on the diagrams.

Premium Analytics Dashboards

Premium Analytics - Product views

Product views

Access product views and sort data by source, country, discipline, usage, MagiCAD product class, and product family. How are your Branded Pages performing? Are there many users for your products in plain Revit? Which product families are the most viewed and where?

Premium Analytics - Product selections

Product selections

Discover insights about products selected into projects and unlock the most valuable asset of Premium Analytics: Which companies are utilizing your products? Where should you focus your sales and marketing efforts? How do your products perform across different countries?

Premium Analytics - Product installations

Product installations

Track product installations within MagiCAD projects. This feature specifically monitors products installed into drawings, excluding those selected via MagiCAD Cloud or software tools. Who are the customers installing your products? Which product families are installed the most?

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