Common Tools

A selected set of smart productivity and collaboration functions which are available in all MagiCAD Applications

MagiCAD Common Tools for Revit are a diverse array of productivity and collaboration functions available alongside each of the core modules. The tools are extremely useful for all technicians and engineers alike, when creating and delivering models using MagiCAD within the Revit environment.

Below is a selection of some of the tools and functions that MagiCAD Common Tools for Revit offers. Contact us here to learn more about these tools in further detail.

Highlighted Features

Batch Manager

Automate the maintenance of your BIM model

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MagiCAD Clash Detection

A new tool for live or on-demand clash detection in your entire Revit project

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MagiCAD Builders Work Openings toolset

MagiCAD’s Builders Work Openings toolset enables a BIM workflow with other parties.

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Key Features

Split Segment Tool

Used for cutting ducts, pipes or trays into standard lengths.

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Running Index Tool

Numbers components and equipment with unique configurable numbering fo...

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Parameter Configuration & Merge

Merges parameters automatically. By using the Parameter Configuration...

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Spreadsheet Link Tool

Makes it easy to import and export information. 

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Find & Replace

Enables replacing any product type with another similar one. 

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BCF Manager

Enables collaboration in a BIM project. Consider that you are responsi...

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IFC Export & Property Set Manager

Exports files according to IFC 2×3 v.2 or IFC 4.

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Legend tool

Creates and updates legends according to your configuration.

The co...

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Clean-up & Deliver tool

Enables removal of all manufacture specific information from the proje...

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What you need to know

There are many options to choose from when selecting MagiCAD software for MEP. MagiCAD for Revit fully integrates and functions seamlessly within the Autodesk Revit and Building Design Suite platforms and runs on Windows OS.

The following information provides a simple guide for making your choice easy:

Choose the MEP discipline or disciplines you will focus on
MagiCAD offers several discipline-specific modules for you to choose from. MagiCAD’s BIM object libraries and Common Tools are inclusive within each module.
  • MagiCAD Ventilation – available for Revit platform
  • MagiCAD Piping – available for Revit platform
  • MagiCAD Electrical – available for Revit platform
  • MagiCAD Schematics – available for Revit platform
  • MagiCAD Sprinkler Designer – sold as a bundle with MagiCAD Piping, available for Revit platform
  • MagiCAD Supports & Hangers – available for the Revit platform
Choose the license type that best suits your needs
  • Perpetual Licenses
    • Stand-alone Licence Model (SLM): This type of licence is node-locked and is tied to a particular PC workstation. These licences are ideal for individuals or small office environments requiring only a few personnel to access and use the software.
    • Network Licence Model (NLM): This type of licence is not tied to a particular PC workstation and therefore it offers a more flexible option than SLM. Each network license entitles one user of the software product at a time. Network licences are ideal for larger organisations that require many individuals to access and use the software.
    • Maintenance for Perpetual Licenses offers licensing with access to the latest software main release and software update releases.
  • Subscription Licenses
    • Subscription offers fixed-term based licensing. Both SLM and NLM licencing models are available. Access to the latest software main release and software update releases are included. Fixed-term subscriptions are available as shorter 3 and 6-month contracts as well as longer 12, 24 and 36-month contracts. Subscription licenses are available for MagiCAD Ventilation, MagiCAD Piping, MagiCAD Electrical, MagiCAD Schematics and MagiCAD Supports & Hangers.
  • Educational licenses
    • These licences are only for educational purposes and are available for universities, colleges and institutes. Educational licences contain a range of MagiCAD modules with full functionality. The license term is fixed to 12 months at a time.
New MagiCAD software can be sold with an additional paid training package. MagiCAD Group and our partners arrange software training for both new and existing customers. Dependent on the platform and the combination of modules to be trained, a tailored training package is assembled and delivered.

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