Common Tools in MagiCAD for Revit are a selected set of smart and effective productivity and collaboration functions available in all MagiCAD Applications. They are extremely useful for MEP designers working with BIM models in Revit.

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Highlighted Features

MagiCAD Clash Detection

A new tool for live or on-demand clash detection in your entire Revit project

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MagiCAD Builders work openings tool

A Builders Work tool that enables BIM workflow with other parties

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Split Segment Tool

Used for cutting ducts, pipes or trays into standard lengths.

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Running Index Tool

Numbers components and equipment with unique configurable numbering fo...

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Parameter Configuration & Merge

Merges parameters automatically. By using the Parameter Configuration...

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Spreadsheet Link Tool

Makes it easy to import and export information. It is used for handli...

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Find & Replace

Enables replacing any product type with another similar one. The Find...

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BCF Manager

Enables collaboration in a BIM project. Consider that you are responsi...

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IFC Export & Property Set Manager

Exports files according to IFC 2x3 v.2 or IFC 4. Files can be exported...

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Legend tool

Creates and updates legends according to your configuration.

The co...

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Clean-up & Deliver tool

Enables removal of all manufacture specific information from the proje...

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