Glodon Cubicost TAS

Glodon Cubicost TAS automates the quantity takeoff of projects across PDF, CAD & BIM.

Glodon Cubicost TAS makes the quantification of buildings less time-consuming, more intuitive and highly automated. Redefine the quantity takeoff of architecture & structure for 2D & BIM. Improve your efficiency by up to 70%

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Rapid 2D takeoff

Carry out rapid quantity take off on PDF, CAD & Our software enhances drawings, allowing for elements such as walls & columns to be automatically identified, for unparalleled efficiency. Import, manage, merge, split and arrange multiple drawings across different floors to centralise the take off for you and your team.

True BIM takeoff

TAS is the only take off software for BIM that re-measures BIM model to create truly useful data. Importing concrete produces concrete, formwork and rebar measures. While importing steel produces tonnages, surface and fixing weight. Every building element receives thousands of specialist quantities to the rules of measure, in the click of a button.

Collaborate & report

Generate exportable reports by item, material, floor, room and zone. Check back quickly to see how reports link to the take off models. Connecting your quantity to our TBQ estimating software is a simple as drag and drop.

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