MagiCAD Schematics

MagiCAD Schematics for Revit provides the first fully integrated schematic creation software to work in synchronisation with Revit models. The tool provides linking and synchronising of elements between schematic drawings and families in the Revit model, which enables bi-directional data exchange to ensure that the required data is consistent throughout the project.

MagiCAD Schematics saves designers’ time and speeds up project delivery by providing readymade, localised symbol libraries. Custom symbols and lines with user defined parameters offer quick and simple schematic drawings to be created within the Revit project. Symbols can be dragged and dropped directly into the drafting view through an easy to use tool palette.

MagiCAD Schematics for Revit also includes the MagiCAD Common Tools. These are a broad range of smart productivity and collaboration functions.

MagiCAD Schematics fully integrates within the Revit software platform.

Below is a selection of some of the tools and functions that MagiCAD Schematics for Revit offers. Contact us to learn more about this module in further detail.

Highlighted Features

Adding symbols to schematic drawings and define symbol definitions with parameters

MagiCAD Schematics makes it easy to install symbols into the schematic...

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Easy to use Tool Palette

Symbol installation and line drawings are made easy as you can install...

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Localised Symbol libraries

MagiCAD Schematics’ localised symbol libraries offer tools for creat...

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Synchronising symbols in the schematic drawing with the devices in the model

MagiCAD Schematics provides tools for linking symbols or lines in the ...

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Licensing options

Standalone licenses are node-locked licenses, which allow the user to run the Software on a single workstation

Network licenses are not tied to a particular workstation, so this method provides a flexible and efficient approach.


With the MagiCAD Maintenance plan you will receive all MagiCAD updates automatically as soon as they are released, making Maintenance the most cost-effective way of managing and updating licenses and software versions within your organisation. Once new updates are available, you can choose which updates to install and when to do so. Some of the benefits include:

  • You always have the latest version of MagiCAD automatically
  • Maintenance is always cheaper than normal updates
  • Stationary annual payment makes budgeting easier
  • A Maintenance plan can be signed for one, two or three years at a time, with discounts for two-year and three-year plans.

10 reasons to invest in MagiCAD Maintenance

MagiCAD educational licensing