MagiCAD Ventilation

A complete BIM software for ventilation design and calculations

Fast and Accurate Ventilation Design within Revit

Ensuring clean, healthy air indoors is one of the most challenging tasks in modern buildings. MagiCAD makes this task easier by providing a set of modelling and productivity enhancing functions that cut down on routine mechanical design work. With MagiCAD, even demanding duct routing solutions are easy to model.

In addition, MagiCAD enables accurate calculations, adjustments and optimisation of the ventilation systems in the design phase. It offers a large selection of built-in calculations, such as flow summation, sizing, balancing and sound calculations.

MagiCAD Ventilation fully integrates within the Revit software platform.

Common Tools

All MagiCAD modules include the Common Tools which is a shared layer of functions for enhancing the productivity of design work.

MagiCAD Ventilation, Piping, Electrical, Schematics, Sprinkler Designer and Supports & Hangers each provide a wide range of discipline-specific modelling and calculation functions that work in synergy with the set of multidisciplinary design tools provided by the Common Tools.

Common Tools for Revit ›

Builderswork Openings Tool
Automatically creates and manages provisions for Builderswork openings using customisable rule sets
Find and Replace
Enables the ability to quickly replace any product type with another of a similar type
Split Segments Tool
Used for splitting ducts, pipes, conduits and cable trays into standard manufacturer cut lengths
  BIM Collaboration Format (BCF) Manager
Enables cross-platform collaboration in a BIM project

BIM Product Libraries

Manufacturer certified BIM objects
MagiCAD Libraries are Europe’s largest selection of BIM objects for Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing design
Adjustable Generic Objects with MagiCAD Create
MagiCAD Create is a complementary software for creating custom MEP product libraries
Plugins for selection tools
Plugins connect manufacturers’ selection tools and configurators to MagiCAD

MagiCAD enables immediate access to over 1,000,000 data-rich MEP objects from over 280 leading international manufacturers. Our library of manufacturer-verified BIM objects offers a wide range of pipes, valves, radiators or any other installation products needed for MEP design.

In addition, we offer a generic object library and editing software for use in cases when you do not find the necessary product in our extensive selection of ready-made BIM objects. With the help of our editing software, MagiCAD Create, you can quickly create the required objects by editing the generic ones.

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Advanced Modelling Tools

MagiCAD automates many time-consuming routine tasks in Ventilation design, including the creation and editing of standard connections, duct crossings, elevation changes, as well as various more demanding connections and adjustments.

MagiCAD enables the drawing of ducts directly with user-definable and flexibly resizeable insulation series.

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Specifically developed product selection & product installation tools
Make it easy to select the correct products fast and accurately depending on the design criteria
Duct Drawing Setup Tool
Fast configuration of routing preferences for duct work modelling
Specifically  developed routing tools
Simplify duct work modelling with functions like the 3D section box, the crossing tools, angle to horizontal, standard connection and the multi device connection tool

Integrated Engineering Calculations

Integrated engineering calculations
Enable dimensioning, analysing and verifying that the  design requirements are meet
Localised Dataset Templates
Speeds up standardising and starting up a new project
Wide support for European standards
These include language, template, MEP symbols and calculations
Local symbols
Add local 2D symbol to selected 3D models plus a dynamic installation interface that adopts to the selected product

MagiCAD’s BIM objects are modelled from physical products to a high level of detail, with correct dimensions and technical data provided by the manufacturer. The technical values are always present in the model, enabling accurate calculations during design. With MagiCAD the designer can calculate while designing​ and compare different alternatives achieving more in less time.

Integrated calculations enable dimensioning, analysing and verifying that the design requirements are meet. They ensure the quality of the design without re-work and parallel non-synchronized model. The following calculations for the ventilation systems are included:

  • Sizing (multiple method’s)
  • Balancing (multiple method’s)​
  • Index run identification
  • Sound calculation / Space​
  • Extend Flow Analyses incl. sound analyse​
  • Diversity calculations

Furthermore, MagiCAD is localised to meet the calculation, presentation and work-flow requirements of some of the major European markets. This enables customers to perform fully integrated calculations to local standards.

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MagiCAD Projects


“It’s far more accurate to use MagiCAD, having the calculations executed with UK aligned specifications, to avoid double handling of the data.”

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“With MagiCAD, designers can reliably verify that the system is working as it should.”

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Amstein + Walthert

“MagiCAD made the project’s demanding coordination easier and more efficient.”

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BIM Product Libraries

Manufacturer certified BIM objects

MagiCAD Libraries are Europe’s largest selection of BIM objects for Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing design

Read more

Adjustable Generic Objects with MagiCAD Create

MagiCAD Create is a complementary software for creating custom MEP pro...

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Plugins for selection tools

Plugins connect selection tool or configurator to MagiCAD

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Advanced Modelling Tools

Duct Drawing Setup Tool

For a fast configuration of your routing preferences for duct work mod...

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Specifically  developed routing tools

The productivity tools dramatically improves your modelling productivi...

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Integrated Engineering Calculations and Localisation

Wide support for European standards

European standards’ support include: Language, Templates, MEP Symbols, Calculations

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Local symbols

MagiCAD offers the possibility to add local 2D symbol to selected 3D m...

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Integrated engineering calculations

Once the ventilation system is partly or fully modelled, you can easil...

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When the manufacturer has highly customisable products, a large number of product variants, or they want to help their customers in selecting and installing the most suitable product in each situation, a product selection plugin is specifically developed. Over 20 MagiCAD Plugins connect manufacturers’ product selection and calculation software directly to MagiCAD, making product selection faster, easier and more accurate.

Once you have selected a product, you can import and place the product from the plugin in your MagiCAD model just as any other intelligent MagiCAD object. Information about the dimensions and technical data is included in the product model.

You will also get direct access to a wider range of more complex and more configurable products, for example air handling units (AHUs).

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Standalone licenses are node-locked licenses, which allow the user to run the Software on a single workstation

Network licenses are not tied to a particular workstation, so this method provides a flexible and efficient approach.


With the MagiCAD Maintenance plan you will receive all MagiCAD updates automatically as soon as they are released, making Maintenance the most cost-effective way of managing and updating licenses and software versions within your organisation. Once new updates are available, you can choose which updates to install and when to do so. Some of the benefits include:

  • You always have the latest version of MagiCAD automatically
  • Maintenance is always cheaper than normal updates
  • Stationary annual payment makes budgeting easier
  • A Maintenance plan can be signed for one, two or three years at a time, with discounts for two-year and three-year plans.

10 reasons to invest in MagiCAD Maintenance

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