MEP Design Consultancy Services

We offer tailor-made consulting hours as a complement to our training courses. We offer single hours or help over several occasions, via link or on site at your premises. Regardless of the size of our collaboration, the goal is to find the best possible solution for your company.

Consultancy Services

Are you making the most out of your MagiCAD software?

MagiCAD for Revit is a powerful fully integrated design tool that extends the capabilities of Revit to bring time and cost efficiency gains to your business. MagiCAD offers a comprehensive Building Information Modelling (BIM) solution for all aspects of Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) design, which is localised to meet the calculation, presentation and workflow requirements of the UK and Irish markets.

Consultancy Services

A powerful collaborative environment

MagiCAD and Revit creates a powerful collaborative environment, but often you will need company specific standards, presentation styles, product data, specifications and calculation methods to suit your own company standards and practices. You may also need to adapt to a new way of designing, producing and delivering projects. This is where our consultancy services can help you. Every design company has its own workflow and delivery standards, but sometimes processes will need to be aligned in a new way – the way that a single, collaborative environment provides.

Consultancy Services

Time and cost savings

Our team of experienced MEP engineers have decades of experience between them and can assist with advising on and delivering these time consuming tasks. Your employees can then be freed up to focus on fee-earning project work. This customisation will ultimately result in an improved, more consistent and more efficient project delivery.

What can our Consultancy Services bring to your company’s design workflow?

Configuration of the MagiCAD dataset and Revit template

Configuration of MagiCAD datasets with content, 2D symbols, systems, calculation settings, and other company-specific requirements. By setting up tools such as the bill of materials (BOM), running index, and legend settings, etc., you will be able to maximise the benefits of using the extensive MagiCAD Common Tools tab. The Common Tools are a diverse array of productivity and collaboration functions available alongside each of the core modules.

Company-wide RIBA stage standard design delivery

Creation of a customised BIM Execution Plan (BEP) document outlining how your company will deliver BIM projects and how other parties should deliver information to you at each stage of the design process. The BEP can form a standard delivery agreement between you and your clients, and in turn lay a solid foundation for all design work and prevent confusion and over-delivery on projects. All project team members will understand their roles and be clear on what they are expected to produce and deliver for each RIBA stage.

Implementation of MagiCAD, Revit & design tools into your company workflow

MagiCAD, combined with the shared 3D collaborative Revit design environment will bring about change to staff working roles. We are able to advise how your company can best utilise your employee skill sets and experience. From here, we can create typical examples of delivery responsibilities for each member of your project design team. By hosting meetings with your key mechanical and electrical engineers, technicians and BIM managers / coordinators we can assess and establish clearly defined working roles. We will then produce a project process document specifically tailored for your company’s requirements.

Revit template development

A Revit template specification document will be written for you, based on the input from your design team. An initial assessment will help us to understand the state of your current Revit templates, identify all of the requirements needed to develop them, and then estimate the total amount of work involved to complete this task. We will incorporate all of the agreed tasks and standards into a final document.

Customised on-project training for mechanical and electrical engineering and design in MagiCAD for Revit

Many companies require further, more specific or advanced training for engineers and technicians to apply knowledge to successfully deliver projects. This requires a minimum base level of Revit knowledge and experience working on live BIM projects. Our training is fully customisable, and is based on your own workflow and deliverables. We will consult with your design team to discuss their requirements and expectations before finalising the roll-out training programme. This ensures that your company gets the most out of the package and ensures the fastest ROI.

Feedback from your current users on the software, responding to concerns, and helping maximise the software’s potential

Your end-users will have shared challenges and experiences when using MagiCAD for Revit. There will naturally be specific modules, tools, and work flows that will require more focus and professional support as designers delve deeper into MagiCAD. Our team of experienced MEP Engineers are able to assist with a more detailed explanation of the software, and in many cases, we will be able to highlight a different and more efficient way of working. By improving your design team’s MagiCAD competence levels, your business can boost productivity and ensure a better ROI from your software investment.

Project setup, software administration and configuration training

We can support your business with the rollout of our MagiCAD software solution and ensure that the process is as simplistic and streamlined as possible. Our engineers will advise on the software installations to be applied, that your network and file sharing is configured to suit your company, and that all updates and add-ons can be introduced smoothly from day one. These tasks involve other departments within your business such as IT.

Consultancy Services brochure

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