MEP Software Support

Before submitting your support query, please carefully read through all submission guidance below. Our support contact email address is at the foot of this page.


Customers from the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland who have MagiCAD for Revit and/or MagiCAD for AutoCAD software licences under an active Maintenance & Support Contract or an active subscription contract have the ability to contact our experienced team of dedicated technical support MEP Engineers.

Our support covers the following MEP software solutions:

  • MagiCAD Ventilation
  • MagiCAD Piping
  • MagiCAD Electrical
  • MagiCAD Schematics
  • MagiCAD Sprinkler Designer
  • MagiCAD Supports & Hangers


Our support team will assist with inbound queries relating to the following:

  • How to download, install and setup the client and licence server software
  • How to upgrade software versions and install updates
  • Questions relating to software version compatibility
  • Questions relating to a particular module or an individual feature
  • Reporting a potential improvement for the software
  • Reporting a potential error in the software


Our technical support team is NOT a training centre
Support cases that highlight a clear knowledge gap will require training
Your assigned MEP Sales Account Manager will contact you to discuss


To ensure a faster and more accurate response, please ensure that any support email submission includes the following essential information:

  • A written detailed description of the issue / query
  • Screenshots to support the issue / query
  • Where applicable, provide the downloadable MagiCAD log file report
  • The MagiCAD software module / version in use
  • The Autodesk software base platform / version in use
  • The Windows operating system version in use

Our support team will endeavour to get back to you by email as soon as possible to resolve your query. However, for queries that require the inspection of a customer project file, we cannot guarantee an exact resolution time frame.

Support cases involving the submission of a Customer project file are frequently complex and require the allocation of a discipline-specific and/or tool specific technical support specialist to interrogate the model and resolve the issue properly. Customers are asked to be patient.


When sending any email correspondence to our support team, please remember to add your assigned MagiCAD Sales Account Manager in ‘CC’ so that he/she is aware of your query. By following the progress of your customer support case, an Account Manager will grasp a better understanding of any potential obstacles which hinder the integration of our software solution into your company design workflow.


Support queries that clearly highlight a fundamental knowledge gap in using the software will be passed to the Customer’s assigned MagiCAD Sales Account Manager who will follow up the training related query to discuss the options for a tailored professional training package.

An appropriate paid training package will ensure that a Customer achieves the best ROI from our modular MEP software solutions. For more information on the training options available, please visit our MagiCAD software training services webpages.

Support Contact

Please ensure that you have read and followed the above guidance before submitting.
Remember to add your assigned MEP Sales Account Manager in CC.

MEP Software Solutions (UK & Ireland Only)

Tel: +358 2 8387 6022
Email MEP Support

International Software Support

Software support related queries for companies using MagiCAD outside of the United Kingdom and Ireland should contact our international support team. Please click on the contact button below to find your correct support contact.

International MEP support contacts