New MagiCAD Schematics module for Revit

We have launched a brand new schematic design module MagiCAD Schematics, offering easy and highly efficient creation of schematic diagrams on Revit technology. MagiCAD Schematics enables synchronisation and data sharing between the schematic drawings and the model. MagiCAD Schematics enables you to create schematic drawings, link symbols in the schematic drawing with the corresponding devices in the project, and synchronise parameter values between the symbol and the device. When the property values are synchronised between symbols and devices, it is possible to ensure that the information stays up to date throughout the course of the project in diagrams, plan drawings, etc.

1. Synchronise symbols in the schematic drawing with the devices in the model

The new MagiCAD Schematics module for Revit provides tools for linking symbols or lines in the schematic drawing with corresponding devices in the model, enabling synchronisation of parameter values between the schematics and the model. This ensures that that the information stays up to date during the project in diagrams, plan drawings, etc. You can configure and select the parameters to be synchronised and also define the direction of the flow of information, either from the schematic drawing to the model, or vice versa. For example, you can begin drawing the schematics with low level of product-related detail. Once the network is modelled and calculated, it is easy to transfer the calculation results together with e.g. device position codes from the model to the schematic drawing. This makes it easy to add tags containing more detailed information to the schematic drawing without additional manual work.

2. Add symbols to schematic drawings and define symbol definitions with parameters

The new MagiCAD Schematics module for Revit makes it easy to install symbols into the schematic drawing and store symbol definitions into the dataset. The symbol definitions allow you to define parameters with default values that will be included in the family when the symbol is installed. Symbols can be organised to user-configurable groups making the correct symbol easy to find on the new symbol installation tool palette. Symbol installation and line drawing are easy, as you can install a symbol simply by dragging and dropping the symbol to the schematic drawing from the tool palette.

MagiCAD 2018 Update Release 1 — Other New Features

1. Verify sprinkler system coverage and sprinkler operating areas

MagiCAD Sprinkler Designer makes it easy to verify that the coverage of the sprinkler system is adequate in the selected room spaces. You can select the shape of the sprinkler-specific operating area in the dataset and then check the coverage of the designed system with the option to view and hide the sprinkler operating areas on the floorplan. The operating area is limited by walls and room boundaries, and calculated based on the operating areas defined for the sprinklers.

2. Connect multiple air handling devices to the system simultaneously

MagiCAD Ventilation now enables you to connect multiple air handling units to the system simultaneously by using a single automated function. Instead of connecting each air terminal to the system separately, this new automated feature saves time and streamlines the workflow by removing unnecessary repetition. You can just select the air devices you want to connect separately or by selecting an area and MagiCAD will display the available connection alternatives. Once the connection is selected, MagiCAD automatically connects all the selected devices.

3. Add 2D symbols to the 3D model in ventilation design

MagiCAD Ventilation makes it possible to add 2D symbols to the 3D model for air terminal devices and air handling equipment.

4. Search products from MagiCloud without specifying product category

Using the Product Search button found in the MagiCloud tab in the MagiCAD main menu, or in one of the MagiCAD tabs, you can automatically search specific products without specifying the product category. This streamlines the product search process dramatically, and makes it more intuitive also for new users of MagiCAD and MagiCloud, as the product category may not always be known beforehand. When searching for e.g. an expansion vessel, MagiCAD will retrieve and display all the expansion vessels. When a specific product is found and selected, MagiCAD will automatically install the product into the correct product category in the MagiCAD project.

5. Define separate colours for different electrical systems

MagiCAD now enables you to define separate colours for different electrical systems in the dataset for IFC export purposes, enabling compliance with country-specific regulations which may require particular colours to be used for different systems. You can define separate colours for electrical, communications and data systems in the MagiCAD dataset and use the colour settings when exporting the project in IFC format. Without colour definitions, all objects are natively grey in IFC format. The possibility to distinguish specific systems makes the models easier to check which is why there are regulations which require each system to be highlighted using a particular colour.

6. Substitute products with quick, customisable 3D shapes

MagiCAD now enables you to quickly define a 3D model for a product which does not exist in the product database by using customisable box and cylinder-shaped models which allow quick customisation. If a particular product is not found in the database, you can select a customisable 3D model instead. The options include basic box and cylinder-shapes which are made with surface-oriented and recessed installation points facilitating installation to ceiling, wall or floor. The dimensions of the basic shapes can be directly adjusted together with a mounting offset which can make a surface-mounted product slightly or totally recessed, or a recessed product slightly or entirely surface-oriented. This makes substituting any kind of product in your project with a 3D shape extremely fast and easy.

7. Use drawing dialog options while making angle-to-horizontal connections

The angle-to-horizontal connection tool now offers the same options as the duct, pipe, cable tray and conduit drawing dialogs, including sizing options, insulation and the possibility to switch to another duct or pipe series. With electrical objects, the installation code can be set instead of insulation.

8. Comply with new domestic water calculation standards

MagiCAD supports new standards for domestic water calculations, including Italian UNI 9182, UK CIPHE and the BS 6700 updated to BS 8558. The support for the Italian UNI 9182 standard covers all four separate curves for flow rates and is oriented towards public and domestic buildings with WCs equipped with cisterns or flush valves

9. Highlight errors in calculation reports and view index route on each row

MagiCAD’s calculation reports now automatically highlight in red the rows which contain errors to make them easy to find. You can jump from error and warning to another quickly using the “Next” / “Previous” buttons below the report. It is now also possible to view the index route on each row of the report.

10. Use steel beams as host structures for supports and hangers

[Suppors & Hangers]
The MagiCAD Supports & Hangers module now enables purpose-built suspension products to be attached to steel beams and concrete structures using different installation types.

11. Calculate horizontal push and seismic force for supports and hangers

[Suppors & Hangers]
The MagiCAD Supports & Hangers module now offers calculations for horizontal push force affecting pipe suspension as well as seismic force to ensure firm installation. You can extract the calculation model from the Supports & Hangers model, calculate the loads of the suspended pipes, ducts and cable trays and calculate the physical forces affecting each element with visualisation in 2D/3D diagrams. This allows you to verify the support and hanger elements according to the relevant codes and standards or based on user-defined rules. All calculation sheets can be exported to Excel format.’

12. Search and filter seismic supports and hangers

[Suppors & Hangers]
The MagiCAD Supports & Hangers module provides quick search and filtering for finding seismic supports and hangers, which can be assembled with the necessary bracing section.

13. Install supports and hangers on bends

[Suppors & Hangers]
The MagiCAD Supports & Hangers module now supports installation of suspension elements also on bend segments of ducts, pipes and cable trays.