MagiCAD version 2018 Update Release 3

1. Create crossings at one go using smart new functions

The next-generation Crossing tool introduces 3 new crossing methods, an improved routing calculation logic and a new user-friendly preview functionality. The upgraded routing tools have 3 methods for defining crossings: point, line and smart. The new preview function together with the informative offset meter and the new routing algorithms enables you to make sure that the crossings will be successful right away without trial and error. At the same time, the tool introduces support for multiple horizontal crossings.

2. Filter and manage Builders Work Openings more efficiently

The Provisions for Builders Work Openings tool now supports improved filtering of content categories and linked MEP and structural elements, and introduces a new version of the Builders Work Openings Manager add-in for Revit. The new filtering options make it possible to filter out or include linked MEP and structural elements when generating provisions, and to select which content categories (e.g. structural or architectural walls) are to be taken into account.

The Builders Work Openings Manager add-in for Revit, which enables the provisions to be reviewed, commented and approved or declined by the structural engineer, now provides improved functions for handling potential inconsistencies between the provisions and openings that differ in size, location or pairing.

3. Calculate Domestic Hot Water Circulation Flow Rates

MagiCAD now enables hot water circulation system calculations based on the French and UK national standards. When the flow calculation is performed using the French and UK domestic water standards DTU 60.11 or CIPHE/BS 8558, it is no longer necessary to define the circulation flow. Instead, MagiCAD calculates the circulation flow and pipe sizes automatically. MagiCAD calculates the heat losses through the pipes as well as the possible insulation and verifies that the return temperature does not fall below the given temperature at any point in the circulation system.

4. Calculate the time to reach Hot Water Design Temperature

MagiCAD calculates the time to reach Hot Water Design Temperature at each tap. You can check that the circulation water pipes are correctly designed and that hot water is available from all the taps within a reasonable time.


5. Calculate the volume of the piping system

The volume of the piping system is calculated and shown in the report, enabling you to estimate the required volume of the expansion tank.

6. Calculate multiple design areas simultaneously in sprinkler design

The new calculation option speeds up the sprinkler design process by allowing you to select multiple design areas and perform the calculation on all of them simultaneously. You can review the most and least demanding areas quickly by simply selecting the design area you would like to investigate from the calculation report.

7. Create custom cable trays in the dataset

It is now possible to create user-defined cable tray series in the dataset and merge the series into projects. For each different cable tray series, it is possible to define default dimensions which can be chosen when beginning to draw the tray. The user-defined series are defined into the dataset which means they can be merged to other projects as well. The Create Cable Tray Series function adds the cable trays into the project in RFA format and at the same time allows you to define the default fitting type for the tray.

8. Define your own circuit numbering rules

MagiCAD now allows you to define custom rules in the dataset for circuits numbering. The custom rules can be used with the Manage Circuits function, making circuit numbering flexible and customisable. For each numbering rule, you can set the minimum amount of necessary digits, a prefix and a suffix. The prefix and the suffix can be used in repeating sequences which follow a specific numerical or alphabetical value range. In Manage Circuits, you can then select the part of the sequence from which the automatic numbering should begin.

9. Establish cable packet connections without drawing wires

It is now possible to establish device-to-packet connections without drawing wires and view existing connections with the help of temporary lines. A device-to-packet connection can be defined in any view without drawing wires. It is also easy to check the connections afterwards with the help of temporary lines which MagiCAD can display between the connected elements. Temporary lines can be hidden with a push of a button.

10. Assign sizing methods to duct and pipe segments

[Ventilation, Piping]
It is now possible to assign sizing methods to duct and pipe segments, enabling the use of different sizing criteria for the same duct or pipe segment depending on the location.

11. Calculate the surface area of ducts and fittings

The surface area of ducts and fittings can now be calculated in accordance with the EN 14239 standard, enabling the surface area to be included in Bills of Materials.