19.02.2019 | By Petri Luomala
MagiCAD Electrical

Sähköinsinööritoimisto Marco Mäenpää Oy | Marco Mäenpää

What have you liked best about working with MagiCAD Electrical?

The MagiCAD software has been built onto AutoCAD. This means that the materials we use are immediately compatible with MagiCAD and there is no need to edit file formats.

Drawing with MagiCAD is easy and cooperation with technical support and product training has been seamless. Product training is also available online and the sessions have been very good.

How has MagiCAD Electrical helped make your work more efficient?

The MagiCAD database has made my work easier and more efficient. Next, I will start using Ecodial electrical calculations, which will help my design work.

For what reasons would you recommend MagiCAD Electrical?

MagiCAD has been very reliable. In case we’ve needed assistance or had any questions, technical support has been able to solve our issues that same day.

In what projects have you used MagiCAD Electrical successfully?

All the projects where I’ve used MagiCAD Electrical in have been successful.