Adjustable LOD models now available for aquatherm pipe components


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The increasing adoption of BIM methods has created a need for increased level of detail in model components and for the possibility to adjust the level of detail according to project phase. To respond to this design need, MagiCAD has introduced geometrical Level Of Detail (LOD) to manufacturers which allows them to provide their products as BIM objects with adjustable LOD.

Jorge Quintana, Chief Sales Officer at aquatherm: “BIM is changing the way we plan, build and manage buildings sustainably. Our Consulting & Services department is ready to support building planners and engineers offering our partners an even better service and support in their project activities.”

The German world market leader in polypropylene piping systems aquatherm has now taken a strategical step towards fully LOD ready product portfolio and publishes an updated product library oriented to building services applications, in which all the applicable products support the level of detail (LOD). By doing this aquatherm commits to serve their customers with up-to-date and state of art product library.

The updated aquatherm database includes products in following product categories: zone valves, stop valves, pipe manifolds and other components. Make yourself familiar with the products and click here »

What is LOD?

It describes the geometry detail level of components in BIM model. There is no common standard for LOD and there are several different definitions for design stages ranging from concept design to as-built.

Different phases of a BIM project have different requirements for geometric detail. Early stage design generally does not require detailed visualization and symbols or box-shapes are enough to convey approximate space requirements and provide optimal design performance. Later design phases demand increasingly sophisticated product geometry to accurately illustrate spaces and component relations.

LOD and manufacturer product modeling

MagiCAD LOD is the level of geometric detail in MagiCAD Cloud BIM objects. All new manufacturer content in MagiCAD Cloud will be modeled to support MagiCAD LOD levels. Existing content in MagiCAD Cloud can be upgraded to support LOD according to manufacturer orders.

We recommend manufacturers to upgrade their existing content to support levels of detail, either separately or in connection with content additions, as this will further increase its suitability and attractiveness to the design community.


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