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ETS NORD is passionate about providing innovative products and creating a new sustainable future for indoor comfort. Over the years, ETS NORD has invested in digitalisation in many forms such as BIM object modelling, developing digital services, and providing an online webshop. MagiCAD Group is ETS NORD’s trusted partner in BIM. With the digitalisation, ETS NORD adds substantial value for their customers.

ETS NORD was established as vacuum cleaners engineering company Hiie & Co by Urmas Hiie and his business partner Küllike Lilienberg back in 1994. In 1998 ETS NORD was born to produce ventilation systems, and quickly grew to be one of the biggest ventilation installers in Estonia. Today, ETS NORD is a significant player in the Northern Europe region and expanding globally.

ETS NORD is determined to be at the forefront of digitalisation and innovation

Digitalisation and innovation are not only buzzwords for ETS NORD, but deeply rooted in their DNA. ETS NORD began modelling their products to BIM objects nearly a decade ago, and they are constantly developing their product offering and its availability as BIM objects. The reason for this is customer-centric approach, where ETS NORD is providing not only sustainable and high-quality products but also value-adding services.

In our opinion, MagiCAD has the best experience and knowledge about what a HVAC designer needs to work effectively. They have been in this field for so many years and seen the progress in designing world. HVAC designers are very important for us and together with MagiCAD we can provide the best possible tools for the designers.”
Timo Olesk, Product Development Manager at ETS NORD.


The determined approach to BIM has led ETS NORD to develop digital tools for their customers and for internal use. ETS NORD MagiCAD Cloud Selection Tool for kitchen ventilation products, KITCHENiQ, enables quick and easy configuration of professional kitchen canopies. The professional kitchen canopies ensure both an efficient supply of fresh air and efficient elimination of emissions in demanding conditions. As ETS NORD says, investing in the ventilation of the kitchen is comparable to choosing a frying pan: any kind of pan can be used to fry, but only with the best pan can top results be achieved.

“We have connected our selection tools with our webshop, which allows our sales team to make faster quotations and orders for our clients. They design a suitable kitchen canopy and then import it to the webshop, they get the price and delivery time at the same time. And of course, selection tools help us to provide better and faster services for our customers. We can provide designer services and save designers valuable time and mitigate their risks if they are not designing professional kitchen ventilation every day.”


Entering the age of Revit and constantly continuing to develop

Last year ETS NORD entered to the age of Revit by publishing their kitchen ventilation design program also for MagiCAD for Revit. Revit is growing fast among construction and building-engineering companies and MagiCAD’s selection tools can add value also to designers who do not have MagiCAD software at their disposal. For ETS NORD, it is important to expand the digital product library and to continue developing the digital tools based on customer feedback.

“We are constantly developing our digital tools. With KITCHENiQ, there is fifth major step of developing ongoing and definitely more to come. At the moment, there is continuing development for kitchen ventilated ceilings, this should be available for MagiCAD users in Q3 2022. This tool is a part of KITCHENiQ but is more flexible by using different standard modules and enables to design the desired ventilation ceiling for an entire kitchen.”

“We are also finalizing software development for SILENCERiQ and then start implementing it into MagiCAD. This is selection tool, where users can choose and calculate appropriate silencers for the system, either circular or rectangular. After that we are planning to add ROOFiQ selection tool into MagiCAD. This tool allows users to rapidly choose the right roof hood with roof transition and different desired accessories, just by adding couple of values.”

We are delighted to be able to support ETS NORD in software development. MagiCAD is the best frying pan for BIM for ETS NORD.

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ETS NORD is a company specialized in comprehensive ventilation solutions. They operate in Finland, Estonia and Sweden. The main activity for ETS NORD is to design, manufacture and market high-quality and innovative products and solutions for ventilation. ETS NORD employs over 400 people, and with extensive industry experience and their carefully selected partners, they are leading the way in ventilation product development, innovation and quality.

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