Waldeck grows its business by embracing BIM, helped with MagiCAD software


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Waldeck Consulting is a pioneering consultancy pushing the boundaries of BIM and digital design when delivering their projects.

Working in Waldeck’s mechanical and electrical department is Luke Mitchell, a Mechanical Design Engineer, who helps to design buildings from nuclear power stations, to retail outlets and manufacturing sites. Luke says, “We work on almost anything in the built environment.”

Two recent building projects of note are the high-profile Hinkley Point C Nuclear Power Station, and an extension at a Liverpool production facility for one of their automotive clients.

“We’re designers of M&E,” said Luke, “and we design right from the concept stage. We develop ideas into detailed M&E design.” Waldeck is a leader in its field when it comes to BIM strategy implementation. BIM has been a key strategy for the growth of the firm. “We use BIM all the time – we have competent engineers using BIM day in, day out,” said Luke. Luke’s team of M&E engineers comprise the “design team” based in Sheffield, while they liaise with an architectural division of Waldeck, which is based in Newark.

Waldeck adopted MagiCAD software in mid-2016, and at the time it was a solution to a very specific problem they faced: they needed a customised product asset code for every M&E component of a build. Each pipe and pipe fitting needed a code so that the maintenance of the building over time could be well structured and organised. Out-of-the-box Revit did not offer any functionality to perform this task automatically.

“After some online research we came across the MagiCAD for Revit software solution. MagiCAD was purchased to help us with this particular project, which it did, and we have not looked back since. It would have taken me months to manually insert each asset code into each product. This was already inherent in MagiCAD.”

Now Waldeck is using MagiCAD for every Revit project they work on.

“We have it for Revit, and we use the calculation tool for every build, and it’s been critical that MagiCAD’s calculations are customised for the UK market,” said Luke.

Luke discussed how Revit’s calculations, out of the box, would be appropriate for the US, not the UK, market.

“It’s far more accurate to use MagiCAD, having the calculations executed with UK aligned specifications, to avoid double handling of the data.”

Luke also mentioned how the BCF (Building Collaboration Format) manager has helped.

“It’s a good tool. Builds are multi-disciplined, by their very nature. It’s so important to highlight problems that we need to speak to architectural and structural engineers about, while they are looking at the same files. The BCF tool automatically highlights the areas that require further communication.”

Also the ability to create customised codes for each element of the designs in MagiCAD has been “essential,” according to Luke.

“It saves so much time that we have indicative sizing of all the connective nodes and pipework, already in-built in MagiCAD,” he said.

Luke’s career has benefitted from his implementation of the fully integrated MagiCAD for Revit software solution. “Since I proposed that we take on MagiCAD, I won an innovation Award that Waldeck gives out internally to employees. They said I received the award because MagiCAD, with its time-saving and cost-saving capabilities, has made a great impact on our business.”

About Waldeck Consulting

Waldeck are an award winning technical specialist and strategic risk management consultancy operating across the major projects and heavy infrastructure industries. We create certainty of outcome for the design, delivery and optimisation of built assets throughout their lifecycle, from inception, construction, operation and through to decommissioning.